Friday, November 9, 2007

A Bedrest Birthday

I actually had a really fun birthday, despite the previous week of hospital stays, a diabetic diet and being confined to my apartment. Matt got up early and announced I could come out to the living room where I found lots of fun gifts. He got me some of my favorite chick flicks and season 8 of Seinfeld (he said he realized our movie collection was mostly geared towards his interests). He also got me a really awesome fitted Boston Red Sox hat, so now we can both have good luck watching the games next year. Go Red Sox! One of my favorite gifts was a really nice wicker hamper that he found for me. He didn't quite understand why I would ask for that for my birthday, but since it has been in our bedroom, he has commented on how nice it looks and how it makes things look a lot cleaner! I must say he picked out a really great one!

I also got a package from Matt's family. Eliza and Sam gave me some things to help me stay pretty. Kate sent a yummy smelling candle and Emily gave me a giftcard to Barnes and Noble. I will have to send Matt to get me a great book!
Matt's parents sent a Netflix gift card so I can keep busy watching all the sappy girl shows! They also sent a great jacket from JCREW which we had seen when we were shopping together at Newport Beach. Thank you!!!

Cassi, Jessica and Justin's families sent a gift card for IKEA and I am already planning what to spend it on (when I can walk around of course!)

My mom was in town that day, which was really fun. She made a cake and a yummy dinner. She had given me an IKEA shelf I wanted a few months ago and then gave me a darling sweater and hat for our baby girl.

We also had some fun visitors. Ryan, Afton, Tyler, Makenzie, and Katelyn drove down from L.A. to visit and they brought flowers and a fun book. It was great to see them!

I am so grateful for all of our family and friends and the prayers and support that have been given. We feel so blessed! As of right now everything looks fine and I feel good. We're optimistic that she won't show her darling face for quite some time :)

Thanks everyone for a great birthday!

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  1. Yay! I am so glad you started a blog, it is a fun way to keep in touch. I love the baby countdown! We are so glad we got to see you guys last weekend. Enjoy all your birthday goods!!