Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting Ready

Matt's Mom and Dad got us this BEAUTIFUL crib. Thank you!!! We just love it. Matt and I had a good time putting it together. I just sat on the floor and tried not to be a "backseat driver" :)

Cassi sent me her brown and pink polka-dot crib skirt and a white bumper. When my mom was here this past week, we experimented and used rit dye to dye the bumper pink. I'm glad she only used half the bottle, because it's pretty bright! But it worked and luckily we left no trace in the community laundry room! Way to go, Mom! (we were a little nervous) But a brown and pink quilt is on it's way from grandma, so I think it will tie everything together.

We have a lot of things ready, but there are just so many necessities for a new baby. I better get everything together because who knows when she will make her big debut!

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  1. It's all coming together. Looks very cute. I am so excited for you guys!