Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Who do I look like in Hollywood?

No one has ever said I look like a celebrity and I'm not sure I look like any of these people, but Matt would be happy with the Cameron Diaz match....


  1. Hi Mal! I'm so excited you put your blog up on facebook! You're welcome to check out ours too. Thanks for the comment on my photo--isn't it weird how big Talia is? My family's doing great. Mary and Tom have three cute kids now, and Corey and Sally have two darling little girls. We're going to see them at Christmastime, so I'm so excited. I hope you're taking it easy! Keep me posted!

  2. What is the significance of 565 on your title banner?

  3. I don't know...maybe I should figure it out incase I accidentally aligned myself with something evil....