Thursday, November 29, 2007

32 Week Update

Well, I went to the doctor this morning and she didn't even bother checking my cervix. She said if I hadn't really felt any signs of labor, things were just fine. I think I'm kind of over the hump now. The plan is to lay low for two more weeks and then at 34 weeks, they'll take me off the medication and I can do more things. Basically the survival rate for 34 weeks is no different than full-term, so if I did go into labor, they wouldn't stop it and they would anticipate a normal delivery. My baby has had the steroid shot, too, which makes her lungs more mature.

It was really nice to finally hear a time table. I think I can make it 2 more weeks of just sitting on the couch.

I'm getting really excited and a little nervous for delivery!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Nameless Christmas Stocking

I have been finding little projects to keep me busy. The problem is that I get them done so fast since I have all this time!

Last year, I made Christmas stockings for Matt and Me. I realized this year we could have an addition to our family! So my mom gathered up the supplies for me and sent me a little package so I would be able to work on a third stocking.

I thought a little snowman would be a perfect touch to the stocking. Maybe in a few years our little girl will know that snow is part of Christmas! I added a button-hole stitch around the appliques of our stockings. Matt's tree decorations fell off while traveling last year, so I need to find some trimmings for his tree. And I also need to find a carrot for the snowman's nose. And of course, stitch a NAME on the new stocking - but that probably won't be happening for a while!

Anyway, I had a lot of fun working on these and unfortunately I am at a stopping point for now until I can go to the fabric store and/or I have the baby!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An Update

I don't think I've ever been so nervous about a doctor's appointment before. I just can't guess what they'll say each time. I mean your cervix can't get longer at this point! As Matt was walking out the door for school he said, "Well, I guess drive yourself to the hospital and I'll meet you there later." Haha - we've been through this a couple of times before :) The suspense was killing me waiting in the room for my Dr. to come see me and do an ultrasound. I even got a headache and I started to get nauseous.

But..drumroll.... nothing has changed! Everything seems stable and the length of my cervix was the same as the last measurement two weeks ago. I was so relieved. So for now, I need to keep doing what has been working and that means medication and bedrest. I still need to get her to hang on for a few more weeks. I have another appointment in two weeks and we'll see what happens then.

I am feeling happy as this is the best news we could have received. It's an interesting feeling, though, how everything is out of your control. I'm not used to this! I feel helpless, guilty for just sitting around, and frustrated that there is no time table! But it is a good lesson for me to learn to accept help and the fact that some things are just out of our control and it's ok. What I would give to do the laundry or dishes (can you believe I'm saying this?) I am so grateful for Matt. He has handled everything so well and has been so supportive. He reminds me that the most important thing is that our daughter is healthy and comes at the appropriate time. It would be so much harder, physically and emotionally if he had a different attitude. Thanks, Matt! I love you!

Friday, November 9, 2007

A Bedrest Birthday

I actually had a really fun birthday, despite the previous week of hospital stays, a diabetic diet and being confined to my apartment. Matt got up early and announced I could come out to the living room where I found lots of fun gifts. He got me some of my favorite chick flicks and season 8 of Seinfeld (he said he realized our movie collection was mostly geared towards his interests). He also got me a really awesome fitted Boston Red Sox hat, so now we can both have good luck watching the games next year. Go Red Sox! One of my favorite gifts was a really nice wicker hamper that he found for me. He didn't quite understand why I would ask for that for my birthday, but since it has been in our bedroom, he has commented on how nice it looks and how it makes things look a lot cleaner! I must say he picked out a really great one!

I also got a package from Matt's family. Eliza and Sam gave me some things to help me stay pretty. Kate sent a yummy smelling candle and Emily gave me a giftcard to Barnes and Noble. I will have to send Matt to get me a great book!
Matt's parents sent a Netflix gift card so I can keep busy watching all the sappy girl shows! They also sent a great jacket from JCREW which we had seen when we were shopping together at Newport Beach. Thank you!!!

Cassi, Jessica and Justin's families sent a gift card for IKEA and I am already planning what to spend it on (when I can walk around of course!)

My mom was in town that day, which was really fun. She made a cake and a yummy dinner. She had given me an IKEA shelf I wanted a few months ago and then gave me a darling sweater and hat for our baby girl.

We also had some fun visitors. Ryan, Afton, Tyler, Makenzie, and Katelyn drove down from L.A. to visit and they brought flowers and a fun book. It was great to see them!

I am so grateful for all of our family and friends and the prayers and support that have been given. We feel so blessed! As of right now everything looks fine and I feel good. We're optimistic that she won't show her darling face for quite some time :)

Thanks everyone for a great birthday!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So I decided I have time now to start a blog. And with a baby on the way, I have more interesting things to write about! Hopefully I can keep family and friends updated on what's happening with us in Southern California and especially the progress with our baby.

I look foward to sharing pictures and news with all of you! :)