Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July.  Matt was supposed to be working at the hospital at least until 5, but they let him off at 11 am! And he had Saturday and Sunday off too.  Life couldn't get any better.  This called for a party...  So we were beach bums the whole day with some of our friends.  There was tons of food, games and waves.  Madeline was a great girl.  She slept and played as she pleased.  We ended the day with a great BBQ and settled in to wait for the fireworks show down the coast.  What could be more awesome than fireworks on the beach?  Madeline missed her first fireworks as she was snuggled asleep in my arms.  

We are so blessed to live in this country and enjoy the freedoms that we have.


  1. Mal, you are so cute, and I love your freckles. Looks like a fun day. The food made me drool a little. Looks great.

  2. Looks like a bright fun day at the beach! I think I may have said this before, but your pictures take me back to when Chelsea was that age, and all that attention was for her. Lucky oldest kids (for a while anyway)!

  3. fun! We did fireworks on the beach when we were in San Fransisco. So fun!

    Hey ha julianne had her baby i tried to call her a few times in may but couldn't get her.

  4. She'll sleep thru fireworks?! wow, Im jealous. I havent tested brianna, but I have no doubt she'd wake up and wanna join the party....then refuse to sleep ever again...
    I love that little spike of hair on Madeline's head! You could almost put it in a ponytail or cute berret!

  5. just found your blog!!! cutest little girl're lucky you didn't get a stinky boy.
    your family is adorable!