Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Cheer

We soaked in family this year for Christmas since last year we wer 'stuck' in San Diego alone as I was on bedrest. Madeline and I flew to Spokane and Matt joined us several days later. We enjoyed my family and all the kids. Madeline is the 17th grandchild, so there were lots of little ones for her to play with. All of my family was there which doesn't happen very often. We were snowed in as there was about 3 feet of snow and the temperature was -4. It was so great to have a warm fire lit the entire week. Christmas Eve, we flew to Salt Lake City. Matt was a nervous wreck as flights were being cancelled. He hadn't been home in a few years for Christmas and was really hoping for it. Luckily, we made it a few hours delayed. Christmas was a blast. Madeline was very good at opening her presents. It was so nice to be able to have Matt out of school and just relax and have fun with family. It went way too fast!


  1. Her first Christmas! How fun! And I bet that it made up for last year!

  2. Oh, I miss you guys so much! It did go waaaaaay to fast! I love that picture of Madeline and Angus in front of the fireplace!

  3. So glad I got to see these, and so glad the M & M's could make it to SL and Spokane this year