Friday, January 16, 2009

Signs your Baby is Becoming a Toddler

- She holds any object up to her ear as a phone (a true girl)
- She gets upset in the grocery store because she wants to eat everything she sees on the shelves
- She throws fits on a regular basis - arching back, kicking legs, throwing herself on the floor (this can be turned on and off very quickly)
- She insists on doing everything herself and if you won't let her, she throws a fit.
- Life becomes a guessing game as you can tell she desperately wants SOMETHING, but everything you suggest is met with a frustrated cry
- She carries her baby doll everywhere in a tight hug patting it on the back.
- She dances whenever she hears music
- She mimics whatever you do.
- You get into giggling fits with her because something was so funny and her giggling makes you giggle and your giggle makes her giggle and the giggling just goes on.
- She wants to sing the same songs and read the same books over and over and over
- She watches for daddy to come home and when she sees or hears him coming she squeals with excitement and heads for the door.
- If you tell her no, she quickly shoves the thing she isn't supposed to be eating or playing with at you (like, mom, here, see? I'm not really eating it)
- She loves to cuddle and lay her head on your shoulder while combing her fingers through your hair
- She learns things at an incredible rate.
- As she gets older you start realizing she is becoming a really good friend who loves you unconditionally even when you're grumpy or make mistakes.

I'll definitely be adding to this list, but in the mean time I'm really enjoying Madeline becoming a toddler.


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  2. Sorry, I accidentally posted a comment using the wrong email, so I had to delete the comment. Anyway, I loved reading this post. I love that Madeloo is so girly. Being so attached to her dolly and talking on the "phone." That is so cute that she watches for Matt, and it is also very cute that Madeline and you are such good buddies! I can tell that she loves her Momma. :)

  3. What a sweet girl! What a sweet mom!

  4. I loved reading that! It is so fun to see their personality really come forth as they get older. How cute is it that she carries around her dolly! It doesn't sound like she will be a tomboy at all. Also love that picture of her, so adorable :)

  5. She is so sweet. I cannot believe that she is a toddler already. Time has flown by way too quickly!

  6. You will be so glad that you are writing all of this down and so will she. You are a good mom, Mal. . and she is a cute little thing.

  7. I miss her! She is just precious. I remember that stage where they want to do everything themselves...but Madeline seems to be early on this! It will be a great quality of hers to have that initiative.

  8. Oh and it just gets so much more fun! Wait until she starts talking. Then they say the cutest things!!! It also gets easier in some ways because then she will tell you what she wants. At the same time she'll change her mind a million times a day, so then that gets a little rough :)

  9. i love reading this, because obviously I can relate to it... but it's fascinating to see the differences in our girls. Like Brianna couldn't care less about dolls and phones, and doesn't do much dancing (besides a weird pelvic thrust move). But yeah - trips to the grocery store are a real game of distraction, or Brianna will also try to grab everything. And reading the same book over and over...ohmygosh, it's maddening. I WISH Brianna stopped when I said no... she hears no, and just waits til I'm not looking again to go after it - even more interested than at first, since "no" objects are obviously more exciting. And daddy's homecoming - yeah, I'm not sure what's more fun to see - the look on her face, or his.
    Anyways, I could keep going :) But I'll let you add to this list as time goes on!

  10. A perfect list! Almost makes me want to have a toddler again... ALMOST. She is adorable!