Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Shoes

Unfortunately I did not get a fabulous pair of new shoes. But, I have found a new favorite song. It's called New Shoes by Paolo Nutini. Matt introduced it to me a few days ago and I just can't get enough. It makes me absolutely happy.

I think Madeline just might agree with me. This girl can't help but move when she hears a good song :)

Here it is for your listening pleasure (minus Madeline's moves):

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  1. Cute video of Madeline! This is a good song!

  2. Madeline's got rhythm! There is no one anywhere cuter than she is!

  3. I love how little kids aren't afraid to get their groove on. Cute, and fun song!

  4. This has got me thinking about music and dance. It's not like we dance a lot around here. I'm thinking your body just wants to move when it hears rhythm and beat. How else do kids learn it?

  5. i think we have the same laptop - is that a Mac ibook? Looks similar to mine. And like Madeline - Brianna loves to try to play with it!
    The best part was that she didn't want to dance alone - her doll had to join the party!

  6. Too cute! That girl is something....
    Can't wait to see her soon.

  7. That is absolutely the cutest thing ever! Man, we miss you guys!