Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ok, sorry Grandma 'Nette and Grandma Julie and Madeline's aunties. Things have been a little crazy around here not to mention contaminated since the flu bug hit all three of us pretty hard. But Madeline has been learning a lot of new things. A few of these videos are a few weeks old, but I wanted to update you anyway because we think she's pretty darn cute and can't get enough of her at this age (except for the picky eating and tantrums) :)

Finally! I think it took her a while to get the balance thing because she's always carrying her baby around. My favorite part of this video is when she falls, she gets frustrated at herself!

Madeline is obsessed with "birdies" When she hears them chirping outside, she'll run to the sliding glass door and press her face against it to try to see them. We spend many afternoons laying on our backs on the grass watching the birdies fly above us. She especially loves the aviaries at the San Diego Zoo.

It's hard to get Madeline to perform on command, but here are a few of the body parts she has learned to point to. Her first word (besides Dadda) was "duck" She has to have all four of her rubber duckies in the tub with her when she takes a bath. The other word she has started saying is "again" which I'm sure will become tiring after awhile :)

She still loves her books. I often find her in a corner with several board books sprawled out in front of her. She has recently become interested in pointing to the objects on the page, asking what they are. I can tell she's on the verge of starting to repeat every word we say.

Ok, do you think I posted enough videos?  I think this post should excuse me from posting for a while! 


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that she is walking! She melts my heart! I love that she has to have 4 rubber duckies in the tub with her. Isn't amazing that she will be talking and walking at the beach? I don't know if I can wait that long to see you! I might have to plan a trip soon! Give Matt and Madeline my love.

  2. I love how she multitasks as she walks. She went from not walking, to walking with a baby and rattling her toy all at the same time. What a little sweetie!

  3. Thank you, thank you! I was going in to Madeline withdrawal. So fun to see her walking! My favorite part is when she says "duck." Must plan trip to SD soon...

  4. She's so cute! And I didn't end up going to SD. I just felt like I shouldn't and then the day after I decided not to book the ticket Chris totaled his car. Glad I listened :)

    Anyway, I'll come soon. Miss you guys!

  5. yay! I watched them all. I love her smile - like in the bird one, she was totally serious, then her whole face suddenly lit up. I wish we had an aviary, Brianna would love it.
    And I like how she put her toy in the recycling bin at the end of the walking video. She's already environmentally conscious.
    OH - and she can point! That's awesome - we're still working on that.

  6. She is so cute and so smart! I loved watching all of the videos!

  7. sorry about the fake outs. just trying to be a better blogger!!! still trucking along. madeline is super cute....