Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Surfer Girl

At a BBQ on Memorial Day, Madeline kept going over to stand on the boogie board. Being born in San Diego, it must be instinct!


  1. I love how she looks so serious about what she is doing! She is very focused! Hey Grace has those same sandals, they are so cute (gotta love target).
    We really like going to get board books from the library too. It is nice to be able to switch up books without having to buy new ones!
    Also we have been thinking about attempting the drive in with Grace this summer. Good to see that it worked out for you guys!

  2. Cute! Maybe she could teach me how to boogie board, since I stink at it. Remember last summer, what happened? I got washed up on to the beach, and sand was EVERYWHERE inside my swimsuit. Yikes!

  3. She has got a great stance going there, and she looks so grown up!

  4. wow - she really does have the right pose!