Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Amusement Park

So I have a lot of recapping to do. These last couple of months we have been gone. Matt did an away rotation at the University of Utah. We had so much fun being with family and going on vacations and family reunions. My dad took his staff to Silverwood while we were in Spokane, so Madeline got to try out some rides. She LOVED them! (Must get that from her daddy)


  1. I love the first one picture of the elephant ride. I miss my little buddy! I have a lot of recapping to do on my blog too!

  2. so fun....bummer we didnt catch up! next time

  3. I clicked on the second picture and noticed Madeline's face needed the caption, "I'm not so sure about this mommy!"

    so fun! I bet she took a good nap after that!