Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dumpster Diving

With my newfound freedom (see previous post) I'm making a list of projects I want to do. First was arranging some pictures in our living room since we didn't have any up of Madeline. Last week, while walking past our dumpster, I spotted this awesome beadboard frame (the one in the middle) and snatched it up. Around our complex, people leave things they don't want anymore by the dumpster or in the laundry rooms and they're up for grabs. Last year I saw this darling chair, that if recovered, would be absolutely stunning. I finally convinced myself we didn't have room for it, left it there and I've been sorry ever since. So I saw this frame and figured I could repaint it and it would look perfect in our living room. Matt thought it was pretty gross I found it by the dumpster, but hey, he shouldn't complain about having a frugal wife, right? :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My parents sent me these tulips. First, having them around brings back all the giddy feelings of spring and I love it (I forget that there are actual separate seasons down here in southern California) Second, they remind me that I no longer have an incredible burden hanging over my head because I officially graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree! I'm a little hesitant to even mention it. I don't want it it to be a big deal because we left BYU almost 3 years ago when I had a year to finish and it's taken me this long to finally finish. But I'm done. No more nights staying up until 2:00am to finish my papers. No more turning down reading books or working on fun projects because the little voice in my head would tell me I should be working on my class. Free at last!

So to celebrate, Matt took me to the Melting Pot. It was so much fun to be served an amazing four-course meal without keeping a 15 month old in check, while my husband flirted with me and we dreamed about our future plans. Thanks for helping me celebrate, Matt. Happy graduation to me and happy spring to everyone!

Oh...Madeline dropped a fruit snack in the vase. That's what she's pointing to in the picture.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Little Lion

Madeline is working on her animal sounds. She seems to think the best place to practice the lion roar is in church...

Monday, April 13, 2009


San Diego Bay Ferry

Matt's little sister and her friend are in town for spring break. We were looking for fun things to do and realized we hadn't ridden the ferry across the San Diego Bay. Madeline got giddy when we were boarding the boat. She loves to get out and do new things. It was so much fun and really beautiful. Who doesn't love Coronado Island, either? Come visit us and we'll take you there .

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Zion National Park

Matt has a week off! I know, surprising. We didn't see Matt too much these last three months because of school, so we needed some time together. We thought it was time to start taking family vacations - our own family vacations and boy are we glad we did. We had such a good time. We drove to Zion National Park in Southern Utah. Madeline did amazing! She was a peach in the car for the whole 7.5 hours there and 7.5 hours back. She kept herself busy listening to Raffi, eating lots of snacks and reading books over and over. She especially loved getting so much attention from her mom and dad. We stayed at Cable Mountain Lodge right at the entrance of the park. It was a really beautiful, nice hotel with a really great price. It's like a little apartment, so Madeline could have her own place to sleep at night. I think it was the off season because the price was incredible!

There were so many awesome hikes to do. Again, it was amazing how good Madeline was (maybe we expected the worst?) One morning we did a 4 hour hike and she was content in the backpack snacking and napping. Matt and I were really able to enjoy time together. The scenery was beautiful. It was so nice to be in nature and make it to the top of challenging trails. It was quiet and a nice change of pace from busy California.