Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Future Rock Climber?

Matt took Madeline to the park last night after dinner. He came home all excited about how awesome she was at the playground: she wanted to try the hard things, wanted to do things by herself, didn't shy away if other kids were playing too and he was amazed at how that girl can CLIMB! She really does love to climb and I was impressed at how a 2 year old could look like a natural on the climbing wall...


Way to go, Madeline!


  1. Wow Madeline! I am impressed. We will have to go climbing together soon!

  2. wasn't she conquering dressers at 10 months. She will be on Everest in no time. Way to go Madeline!

  3. I'm amazed how naturally she did this! She looks so grown up in her little white sneakers.

  4. I'm totally impressed! I noticed she was a climber at mom's house, and at the park the other day. She has some serious skills. Should we sign the girls up for that gymnastics class? We know Madeline has the balance, strength, and the guts.