Monday, September 13, 2010

Week One

(No Charlie does not have a tail - it's his bili belt that he gets to take off tomorrow. Hooray!)

Honestly, I have been pleasantly surprised with this new event in our lives. The delivery was great and the recovery hasn't been that bad at all. Matt and I had to laugh that the first time around, having a newborn seemed hard and stressful, but this time, the newborn is easy. It's the toddler that's high maintenance!

As you can see, though, Madeline has initiated Charlie into her circle of friends. She has already told him her favorite stories including Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. (Poor guy, he's going to be very knowledgable about princesses and all things girl.) She really loves him and is a really big help, especially since Charlie has been plugged in at all times with this bili light belt. Here are some funny things she's done lately:

-She begs to help Matt with the dishes. And she's actually really helpful at using the brush and scraping the food off and then handing them to Matt to put in the dishwasher.
-I never have to empty the lint tray in the dryer. At random times during the day, when she passes it, she cleans out the lint and throws it away.
-It might have been a problem that we didn't decide on a name until the very end. Madeline still calls him Baby Weed. Sometimes she catches herself and stops and thinks before getting it right.
-She's obsessed with poopy diapers. Many times a day she asks if Charlie's diapers are poopy (which they usually are) just so she can help me change them. She also thinks anything dirty - his umbilical cord, mud, specks on the floor, etc are poop. :)
-As she's playing, she'll stop a minute and admire charlie, stroke his hair and say, "you're so cute, sweetie"
-If she's nearby when Charlie blasts his pants, she'll say "Excuse you" without even looking up from what she's doing.
-Speaking of diapers, Charlie hates to have his diaper changed and he usually cries during it. Madeline will hold his hand and say, "we're almost done buddy. it's ok. almost done"
-Her new phrase of choice is "That's amazing!"

Once, while I was feeding Charlie, she asked for a snack. I told her when I was finished feeding Charlie I would go get her one. I guess she got tired of waiting because soon I heard her in our bedroom telling Matt, "Daddy, go hold Charlie so Mommy can get me a snack"

Charlie is a sweet little guy. It's funny how different a first and second child are. I think I held Madeline every second I could and we catered to her every need. Charlie sleeps through Madeline's tantrums, doesn't mind her poking him, and seems to go with the flow. Tonight I was trying to get dinner on while he was crying and he must have given up on me because he comforted himself and went to sleep.

So far so good. I just keep looking at that precious little face and am so grateful for my little family.


  1. she is melting my heart. She is already such a great big sister. And your couch ---- with all those pillows! DARLING!!! Although I have to say my favorite accessory to the couch is little Charlie :) So sweet! I love the post- I check everyday! Miss you guys!

  2. I 100% agree, having a baby is the easy part when you've got older kids. Chris and I were laughing about the same thing the other night. And yes, having a 2-year-old and a baby is REALLY hard, at least it was for me because Madi is quite the handful. This go around, though it's been much easier because Jax is way lower maintenance and Madi is older. So glad that Madeline love Charlie. He's a cutie!

  3. I LOVE all Madeline's sweet comments. What a great age to have a little brother. Thanks for posting and I am so glad the delivery and recovery went so well for you. I look forward to hearing more about baby Weed aka Charlie. :)

  4. Thank you for the update! What a sweet and precious time!

  5. I love all the Manny quotes! I can't believe how much she can talk now! Also I really love the sofa and pillows. I clicked on the pic and made it big, and its all looking really great. Go you!

  6. Very nice job on the couch! Looks like Anthropologie material! That is interesting about the dynamics of a first and second child. She seems like such a fun big sister, not to mention a great helper! Her phrases crack me up. Especially "that's amazing!" I so wish that I could be here to see him, and her, and you! Hopefully that will be able to happen soon. I am the luckiest aunt in the world! Tell Madeline hi, and give Charlie a hug for me!

  7. That is just the sweetest picture, and I love all the little things Madeline is doing and saying. You are going to be so glad you are writing this all down! And Charlie is SO handsome! He just came out darn cute right away. That doesn't always happen you know :)

  8. That little Madeline is growing up and she cracks me up. What a great big sister she's turning out to be. By the way, your pillows are fab.

  9. Both of your children are adoreable!! I love that Madeline is such a big help and that she has adjusted well to having another little one around. It's also great to hear that Charlie seems to be a laid back little guy, I hope ours ends up the same way!

  10. i love how she surrounded charlie with all her dolls & he just blends in among them. malerie, he is just way too cute. i love his little tail :)

  11. Oh my WORD that is too cute! Little Madeline is such a sweet girl! :) So glad to hear that you're all doing well! Charlie fits perfectly on that darling couch.... Enjoy every moment! It goes by TOO fast!

  12. I lovelove reading your blog because our lives are so parallel! It's fun reading what Madeline does because it's either similar or identical (or better than!) what Brianna does.
    Isn't it funny how you remember that having one newborn seemed so hard, but now it seems like if we just had the newborns without the toddler, it'd be easy!
    We'll have to make sure to expose our boys to lots of boy-stuff, or they're going to only be playing with dolls and hearing princess stories!