Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summer in October

This last weekend, the weather was gorgeous and we made a quick trip up to my parents' lake property. We didn't get to enjoy summer that much since I was on bed rest. Matt needed to get in a last ski and I decided to try as well. (Matt failed to get a picture, but it's probably best since I'm sure there is a rule somewhere that one should not get in a swimming suit 3 weeks after having a baby.) The weather was great, but the water was freezing. Thank goodness for wet suits! I failed to remember what pregnancy does to my back. I was only up for a short time when my back felt like it would rip into two! Even though my body aches several days later, it was fun to be able to get out and do things again.

Life with two kids is good but also a bit of a juggling act, especially since this rotation for Matt has him coming home at 11pm. The last couple of days Charlie has been extra fussy, so I have been trying to experiment with nursing, gas drops, etc. I'm sure everything will even out in a few weeks. Madeline is still really great with him. She still begs for my attention and I'm trying hard to make sure she gets quality mommy time. Any time I'm feeling overwhelmed, though, I think about my friend who has a little girl Madeline's age and just had twins! Yeah, no complaining here...

One Madeline quote - When we read the Book of Mormon at night, she has to turn to the page of Christ being baptized. (it's the family edition with some pictures) It's her favorite and she's really into the idea of Baptism right now. Tonight I sang her the primary song "When I am Baptized" while tucking her in. She watched my face intently as I sang and then said when it was over, "Thank you, Momma. I really love that song." Sweet moments like this make the hard days so worth it. Oh and I love that she still calls me "Momma."

Regarding Charlie's shirt, Yes, his daddy is happy he's a boy. They've watched the Red Sox win (and lose) together and Charlie is currently being taught the finer points of football. :)


  1. I would have gotten a picture of you, but I didn't see the camera anywhere. You did a good job getting up and skiing though!

    Who is that long-haired fellow in those photos with you and Madeline?

    Now that the Red Sox's season is over, I can commence fully with the anti-Yankee indoctrination for Charlie.

  2. IMPRESSED! I have never had a baby but I'm sure the recovery takes awhile....you are amazing for getting up on skiies!!! You're like a modern day pioneer. Just had a baby and then back on skiies, like no big deal...WOW!

    PS: Charlie is SO cute! and Madeline's hair is getting longer and thinker, also so cute. Thanks for sharing the quotes I love'em.

  3. Looks gorgeous up there! That is seriously impressive that you could get up and ski! I need to learn! The pictures are adorable as always!

  4. ah man, looks like fun! i am impressed mal! and, isn't it fun to watch your guys have little manno-e-manno boy time? not sure if that makes sense... but i lOVE watching sam & parker bond over boy stuff already.

  5. way to go skiing mal... charlie is a cutie!

  6. I got a shoutout on your blog! I feel famous! Unless you happen to be referring to a different friend with a 2 yr old and infant twins...
    So jealous you got to water ski! I miss the carefree summer days sometimes :) And I can totally relate to the back pain. I felt it a lot when I started to run again. I think what is it is that post-preg we've lost our ab/core strength, so we have to use our back for things we formerly would've used our core strength for. The solution - get a strong tummy again! A tough task for me, but I have no doubt you'll be back in swimsuit shape in no time. :)