Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random Videos

Madeline is like my personal trainer. She asks to exercise every morning and she does the whole workout with me. We are fans of Jillian Michaels videos. That's just about all I can do with two kids and a husband who works odd and long hours. But I love her videos and I get results.
When Jillian stops exercising to explain form or something else, Madeline says, "She's not doing it! Why is she standing there?!" I find it pretty funny. I actually wish I had Madeline's flexibility and ab strength!

Here she is during the warm up. I couldn't get any more because she told me I needed to come do it with her!

And Charlie is almost three months. I forgot how it magically gets better around this age. Just this week he's been happily playing on the floor or in his bouncer. He tries to bat at toys and grins and coos at anyone who talks to him, especially his sister. He is a sweet little thing.

**Update on last post -
Madeline is SO much better.It's night and day. I feel so bad I didn't address this a long time ago. I thought she was just stubborn, but really she had some physical issues there. All of our frustrations have disappeared (at least in that department) :)

Culturelle does seem to have worked too. Charlie is definitely less gassy and doesn't grunt and groan as much. He seems happier overall. I'm not sure if it's because he's getting a little older or if the probiotics are doing their thing. Either way, it's getting easier and I'm happy about that!


  1. Love that video! That's seriouly amazing she'll stick with you through the whole video. Brianna will only do a minute or two with me on my videos.

  2. parker has those same pj's charlie is wearing. he looks so super cute & so happy. glad things are getting better for ya! a few more months & you'll be thinkin about #3 ;)

  3. You seriously have the most adorable kids ever! I am so lucky to be an aunt to those two! I am glad both of them are doing better. That Jillian Michaels video is hard for me! I don't think I am as tough as you and Madeline are! Maybe you could send her down here to whip me into shape! Also the video of little Charlie just melts my heart! I miss you guys!

  4. So so cute. She is going to have some good exercise habits from starting so young! Rachel used to do the same thing with me, but she would do it in her underwear because she thought that was closest to what the workout ladies were wearing. And Charlie is adorable. He looks like you!

  5. haha - ya jillian michaels! that is the funniest thing i've ever seen! she's too cute :)

  6. hilarious! when i try to do tapes! Daniel thinks its play time and will crawl all over me or jump on me... I have yet to find something that works