Sunday, June 27, 2010

How we've been passing the time...

...taking silly pictures on the computer!

So it's body doesn't like being pregnant! I'm on bed rest again! Last week was around the same time that it happened with Madeline and I was feeling some contractions, but mostly paranoia. I called my OB (who I've never met since we just moved) and the nurse said I should just go to Labor and Delivery. So off I went, with packed bags of course. I spent several hours in triage being monitored. Matt is working ICU nights, so he stayed with me for a bit and then had to go work his shift. After a lot of tests, they said they would admit me because I was dilated to a 2 and 30% effaced. Darn.... Luckily my mom had come down and was able to take Madeline home with her.

They put me on medication and modified bedrest and I went home the next day. It was actually quite a relaxing night to myself! It was fun, too that Matt came up and visited me a few times since he was on a different floor of the same hospital.

I was able to spend part of the week up at my parents' house and I've been home for the weekend. I have an appointment Tuesday morning. Hopefully nothing has changed. I'm only 28 weeks and I've got to make it to 37!

Things that have been challenging:
-With all of the chaos, Madeline has become extra clingy and wants to be held (begging me to stand up, not sit on the couch) or hold her hand wherever she goes. I feel for her, but I'm hoping it will help her be more flexible
-Potty training - Madeline was basically potty trained before we moved, but has since been determined not to be and this inconsistency is not helping the situation
-Madeline has decided to really fight naps and bedtime
-As a result of the last point, she has had quite the tantrums lately
-Matt works from 5:30pm - 6:30 am and sleeps during the day.

Things that have been rewarding:
-No distractions - Since I can't really do the daily busy things, I get to sit on the couch, color, read library books, laugh and giggle with Madeline and focus on what's important
-Being able to spend time with my mom and be reminded of what a wonderful mom and grandma she is
-Being humbled at the generosity and love from family and friends
-Experiencing the blessings of modern medicine and kind, good doctors.
-Getting a priesthood blessing from Matt and feeling the comfort of the Spirit.

I will update with any news, but I'm hoping for a boring pregnancy from here on out...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Congratulations are in order

The last few weeks have been crazy! But we're settling into our new place and now I can get back to blogging :)

The first thing that needs to be noted is Matt graduated from medical school! Woohoo! We're very proud of you, Matt. You are going to be one heck of a doctor!

Here are some pictures of the big event. More posts coming on other happenings in our life.