Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starting Young

Here's hoping Charlie loves books as much as Madeline does...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Splish Splash

Bath time is much more fun with two fishies in the tub!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Felt Ruffle Wreath

I love a good wreath. I'd like to have one for each season of the year. My sister found this Felt Ruffle Wreath Tutorial and I knew I needed to make it when I saw it. So, we planned a sister's day to make it.

We enlisted Grandma's help to entertain the kids.

Cassi and I cut out all of the 3 inch circles ahead of time. You need about 300 for each wreath - yes that's right, we cut out 900 CIRCLES!

The finished product turned out great, and it only cost $8 (with Joann's coupons) but it was most fun to chat with my sisters and mom, eat yummy food and watch Madeline play with her cousins. We missed the rest of our sisters-in-law, though :(

What project is next, girls?

I loved how they turned out - just in time for Valentine's Day!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Special Needs"

My sister's latest post about her new little china baby had a great impact on me. It made me think differently about people's special needs or disabilities.

Read Here
I Am What I Do

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Life is good. Two kids give me a run for my money sometimes, but life is good.

One of Matt's family's friends died in a terrible car accident last week. She was young and beautiful and kind and left behind three young children. Matt works in the ICU right now and is faced everyday with sadness and heartache as people with serious problems struggle to live and their families deal with medical problems and loss. And then the shooting in Arizona? I was complaining to Matt about how expensive our heating bill was because it's so dang cold here - 14 degrees right now- but he said a hundred and something dollars to be warm in a nice place doesn't seem like such a big deal. And he's right. Thanks, Matt for reminding me to be grateful and to have perspective.

And to have healthy beautiful kids? And a loving family? And a job? and being able to stay home with these kids? and, and, and..... Life can change in an instant. I don't want to get caught up in the little things.

We had doctor's appointments yesterday:

Mr Charles at 4 months
14 lbs, 13 0z - 47%
25 3/4 in - 78% - tall like his daddy!
This kid is cute. If anyone even glances at him he gives them a huge grin. He loves standing on your lap and jumping up and down. He just loves Madeline and turns to find her whenever he hears her voice. When he cuddles with me, he clutches on to the neck of my shirt (he's done this since he was brand new.) He's still waking up once a night. (Madeline was sleeping well through the night at this point) but I don't mind the chance to snuggle him and feed him while the rest of the house is quiet. This little guy melts my heart.

Miss Madeline at 3 years
27 lbs - 13% (this is up from 5%!)
35 1/4 inches - 13% - petite proportionate little thing

Oh Madeline, where to begin? She's in a needy little stage where she says she can't do things herself, but five minutes later she doesn't want any help. She can be a sweet little thing, though. She's so willing to share and if she's getting herself a snack, she'll ask if I want one, too. We got her Candyland for Christmas and she wants to play about 10 times a day. Candyland cost us $2. Lesson learned! She is really good at this game. I have yet to beat her. She loves the little character cards - frostine, mr. mint, grandma nut, etc. She used to be excited to get those cards even if it meant moving backward. Now she knows it's not strategic and tries to stay on her square without us noticing. She also sneaks one of those cards onto the top of the drawing pile when we start and announces she's going to pick first. She acts so surprised when she gets Princess Frostine and gets to move close to the top. Sneaky :)

She still loves reading. Lately, it's "If you Give a Pig a Pancake" She also loves to sing and is still singing Up on the Housetop, Rudolph, and Jingle Bells. Madeline is a good little helper, especially with Charlie. I am amazed at how good and patient she is with him.

Matt works hard and is so good at what he does. His schedule right now is pretty demanding - 80 hours a week at work, not to mention helping me out when he gets home. He really cares about his patients. Then when he comes home he reads, plays and builds blocks with Madeline and Charlie. He is good.

My life may not be very exciting, but it's good and we're happy and that's more than enough.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Birthday Girl





You make our family extra special.
We love that you are silly and have your daddy's sense of humor.
We love that you completely adore your little brother and he adores you. You sing to him, and talk to him, hold him and love to stroke his hair.
We love that you are thoughtful and caring.
We love that you are all girl, loving pink and purple and all things baby.
We love that you are creative and enjoy drawing pictures and letters.
We love that you are fond of books.
We love that you are cuddly and affectionate.

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Madeline!