Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Half Birthday

Charlie is 6 months old. How did that happen so fast?
He has become a sweet little guy who is becoming especially fond of his mom and dad. He is

17 lbs, 2 oz (42%)
27 1/2 in (84%) !!!

Seriously, they really need to make a tall size for babies, because like his dad, we need that extra length. He's wearing 9 or 12 month clothes, but they're already starting to creep up around his calves. Even though he's only 42nd percentile, this kid has rolls. His wrists, thighs and legs are chub-by! He really has gotten pretty sweet and will always give anyone a smile. He just learned how to spit and thinks it's quite fun. Feeding him solids is a real treat...

His favorite toy is definitely a book. A close second is his little teething giraffe, Sophie. His favorite food is green beans (just like Madeline at that age).
He still adores his sister and likes to play with her hair. He's not a big roller over, his teeth are almost coming through, and he's got a giggle that'll just make you melt.

Mr Charles, we are smitten with you and are so glad you're ours.

And just for comparison, here is Madeline at about the same age


  1. So cute! I agree with you about the tall sizes in baby clothes! Coulson has to wear 9 month or 12-18 month sleepers because he is so long...and wide.

  2. They are both so adorable, and Charlie is growing up too fast!

  3. Oh Baby Charlie! I miss you so much little buddy! He is adorable and I love his smiles and giggles! And I love Sophie too!

    One of the most common phrases for when you guys were here: "where is sophie?!" "does angus have her?!"

  4. so cute! I love that you call him Mr. Charles - we call our boy Mr. Bennett!