Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to me

I've learned as a girl to keep expectations in check, especially when your husband is busy, like in medical school or right now an intern. I'm not saying that Matt doesn't do great things for me. He does. But I think girls have the tendency to dream up big things :)

Well this Valentine's Day, Matt was working his night shift. We agreed not to get each other anything big. I got him a card and a treat. Before he left for work, he told me to come to the computer. He had made me a cute little power point presentation and on it was a reservation for a future overnight getaway at the Coeur d'alene Resort! Really? Matt had arranged with my mom to take the kids overnight (not a small task).

This past weekend we went and it was amazing. I told Matt he couldn't have given me a better gift. The part I loved was him making the arrangements for a babysitter and getting to spend so much time with him alone without cute little whiners climbing all over us :)

I only had my iphone to take pictures with, so they'll have to do, but we had a great time. They upgraded our room and our view was spectacular. The room was definitely luxurious. We even treated ourselves to a goodie out of the mini bar :) That night we watched BYU dominate (on Friday...Sat night was a very different story. Go Cougs!) and then went to dinner at Beverly's - a 5 star restaurant with the best steak and seafood. I got to sleep uninterrupted and we lazily slept in. We went to breakfast in the morning. Huckleberry Pancakes. Yum.

The view from our room

Matt drooling over the menu

The kids did great. It took some prep to stock the freezer with milk for Charlie an convince him he could take a bottle from someone other than me. But even with his attachment to his momma, he did pretty well. Thanks, Mom. You're fantastic!

Ahhh....a little time away makes me feel all geared up to be a great mom and wife. We definitely can't splurge like this very often, but it was fun to feel fancy for a weekend :)

Thank you, Matt, for being so thoughtful.


  1. WHOA Holy COW! What an awesome Valentine's gift, or any holiday for that matter. Maybe Matt can give lessons to other husbands :)

  2. That is awesome! I am so glad you got some time alone together and got to enjoy a lazy fun day with Matt. That looks amazing!!! It was so good to see you both a few weeks ago too. Your kids are adorable!

  3. how totally wonderful! stephen did that for me a few years ago in big bear. it was SO therapeutic to get away from it all and just have the two of us together. i'm sure it was heaven!

  4. Awh!!!! That IS SO NICE! I love it! That really is a pretty spectacular present!

    ps: Brett has been telling me for years that I need to lower my expectations :)

  5. HOW FUN IS THAT!!!!!!!! I love how he set up everything up himself. That means even more! Its great you had some alone time.

  6. WOW! Nice! Best part - a night of uninterrupted sleep!!