Monday, March 7, 2011

We're back!

We spent the last two and a half weeks in Salt Lake City. Matt came back and forth but got a week off of work so we were able to spend time with family and go on a few dates together. We had a great time. We always eat at our favorite restaurants including The Porcupine, HIres, and Cafe Rio. Matt and I went to a BYU game. (sad week for BYU fans, but I think we'll be ok) We played disc golf together (one of matt's hobbies) and got to visit and play with Matt's family. We had a great time. We all are excited to be home, though. Madeline let out shrieks of excitement when she saw her room, her baby dolls and her bed.

Yesterday we made the 11 hour drive home and surprisingly the kids were amazing. Charlie fussed every now and then, but there was really only a 20 minute crying spell. When we were almost to Spokane - just going over the last mountain pass - Madeline threw up everywhere. Apparently she has inherited Matt's family's motion sickness. Poor thing. She was upset that she was so gross and kept begging for a bath. Clean up at a gas station was the best we could do, but she was ok. I'm not really excited for our 25 hour drive to Iowa, but maybe the kids are good travelers.... maybe?

One of the reasons we went to Utah was that Matt's sister got married. The wedding was beautiful and they are so happy. I love going to temple marriage sealings. It's wonderfully simplistic.

Matt and His dad pulled a prank on Emily- they borrowed these crazy suit coats and told her they were given the wrong ones. There was a moment or two of panic until they brought in the real ones and all was well :) Like father like son...


  1. That picture of matt and Madeline is amazing!

    You are such a trooper driving all that way with the kiddos.

    Thanks for the update on your fun trip!

  2. Ugh, roadtrips. Some people love them. I am not one of those people.
    Glad to hear all went well! I wish you could've STAYED in SLC a little longer - maybe we could've gotten together! A playdate together... someday....

  3. Those suit coats! My uncle showed up at a family funeral (he was supposed to be a pall bearer) in a camo suit (he is crazy about hunting). My poor grandma, I thought it was going to do her in. He finally told her it was a joke and I'm honestly not sure she has recovered (that was six years ago).

  4. so cute!
    cafe rio - yum, so glad we have one in denver!
    and that drive from slc to spokompton is a beast :) i've barely survived that drive a few times :)

  5. so fun! yes the drive out here is a beast! your welcome to stop and sleep here if you would like. But i guess you would only have another 4 hours to go.

  6. we miss you! that was so much fun to have you guys here!