Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Wreath!

Ok, so Cassi and I might really be addicted to wreaths. But when you can make them for under $10, why not?!

I spotted THIS one made out of acorns. But, it's the wrong season and I don't know where to find the acorns without the hats on them, so then I found THIS ONE made out of lima beans.

I really like the texture of it. We weren't sure if the beans looked a little too much like, well, beans, but it's growing on me. Here are things we learned if you want to make one:

1. Spray paint the wreath the color you are going to do BEFORE you put the beans on. On mine, you can still see the white styrofoam underneath.
2. Try not to be too messy with the hot glue gun. All those little strings show up when spray painted. I tried to get all of mine off but it's nearly impossible.

It was fun and easy and now I have a lovely spring wreath. (Also, I can just paint it another color if I get bored with it :) )


  1. Ah stop being so amazing at everything! I can't keep up!!

  2. That is amazingly cute. Especially for lima beans!

  3. Love Love Love all of the latest posts!

    The wreath is awesome. Madeline's interview was so darn cute. Charlie's bow tie is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. And I can't wait to try those crafty headbands etc.

    We miss you guys!

  4. you are talented lady! give me some of those homemaking skills!

  5. Love it! I'm going to make it. I'll send you a pic when I'm done! Thanks for the idea. I need a spring wreath after easter..and one before July. How long did it take you to do?

  6. Yes, you can absolutely hire me! :)

    PS: Cute wreath!

  7. What a cute idea! I love the color!

  8. What a cute wreath Mal!! I'm sure your house is lovely with all the cuteness you create!