Friday, April 22, 2011

Madeline's 3 Year Interview

I want to keep doing yearly interviews. I need to just start doing it around birthdays so I don't forget. Here is Madeline's two year interview. I know a year has passed, but I'm amazed at how she has changed.

Age 3:

This is just proof that Madeline actually talks. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks she doesn't because she is very shy in public.

As you can see, she's a little jokester and thinks she's pretty funny. Most of the time she's a good, sweet girl. She begs to help, likes things neat and in their place, sings songs all day long, and takes very good care of her little brother. She loves to play "house" and "restaurant" and "tea" with her stuffed animals and dolls. Once in a while she can throw a royal fit (just yesterday in fact). She can be very stubborn! Matt says she gets that from me. Really? :)


  1. So fun to see! I need to do our (very belated) 3 year post too. Such a fun stage!

  2. Wow! You are so right that I had no idea how much she can talk. I knew she is brilliant, but just hadn't heard much conversation. You have once again inspired me. We usually do our interview on New Years day, but I'm thinking we need more :) Such an adorable video, and sweet Charlie is just sitting there being, well. . . sweet.

  3. Oh Madeline! You make me laugh!!! "He's mean!" "I like 2 and M!" "I liking taking toys away from Charlie!" Too funny....

  4. So cute!!! We miss you guys! Still hoping our kids can go on a double date someday :)

  5. i've never heard her talk at all...i think that was my first time! what a cute little voice she has! totally adorable.