Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Strap Covers

I was feeling sad for Mr. Charlie's red neck from his car seat and stroller straps. I know you can buy strap covers, but I found this very simple tutorial. Plus it's fun to brighten up the car seat with a fun print. This project cost me $0 since I had everything on hand. Even better!

Here is the tutorial: Make it and Love it

Note: This size seemed perfect for 8 month old Charles, but I would shorten it an inch or so for a smaller baby since it would seem too big for the smaller settings of a car seat strap. I'd measure it against the strap before I cut it.

Happy Sewing!


  1. That's awesome! You make the cutest stuff and free is always great!

  2. love the fabric you picked...totally cute! i'm gonna have to make some of those for mr. wyatt!

  3. I will be making those, come september. I never used them with my 2 boys, but I never really noticed, but didn't look either, for markings. I can see why they are so useful. Thank you! I made the wreath too with my SIL--I did it hot pink! I"m doing another one for my mom in bright yellow. Thanks for the cool ideas! i'm attempting the shoes too, in the same fabric! Thank you Mal!

  4. VERY cute! He's so adorable...:)

  5. those are so cute! you are so crafty :)

    and yeah, parker actually leaves his hat on, but that is new... he never used to wear it. so now that he will tolerate it, i make him wear it everyday! haha.

  6. Charlie's smile is the best!