Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zachary's Fund

My sister, Jessica, is constantly finding ways to help children. She has adopted two sweet girls from China. Now she is advocating for other children who are hoping to be adopted. She has a big heart and is a wonderful example to me.

This is Zachary. Jessica is hoping to raise money for him so adopting will be easier for a family. She has set up a fun little giveaway. You can see it HERE.

My heart aches as I snuggle, cuddle, play and giggle with my kids, just thinking about children that don't experience that kind of love. Thinking about all of the orphans is overwhelming and it seems like you can't really make a difference. But Jessica reminds us that anything helps and it makes a difference for that one child. If you want to get involved, go check out her giveaway!

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