Friday, July 29, 2011

Better Late than Never

A few months ago, Matt took his bike in for a tune up at a bike shop. Madeline tagged along. She spotted this really cute bike in the shop and the owner let her ride it around. After that, she constantly asked when she could get a bike. She even put every little penny she found into her bank, asking if it was enough. We thought it would be fun to get her a bike when we moved into our new home. Cousin Nora had a darling little one that she had outgrown, so we hid it in the move and Madeline spotted it when we were unpacking. Thanks, Nora!

I feel a little bad that Madeline hasn't really ridden a bike until this point. Whoops... But she's making up for lost time. She LOVES her new bike!

Her cheering squad:

Now it just needs to cool down so we can actually go outside and go for long walks.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Slipcover

Remember my cute, slipcovered couch?

Well, I must be pretty lucky because my sister, Cassi, whipped out yet another slipcover for me and I love it! If you live in the Spokane area and want your couch or chair slipcovered, Cassi just started a business. She's pretty darn talented! Visit Piping and Pleats

From this: (not a true before pic, but it'll do)

To This:
The dark denim looks great with my couch and I especially love the pleats around the skirt.

Thanks, Cass! Now I need to make a new throw pillow. Any ideas?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recent Conversations

on school -

Madeline: Mommy, when do I get to go to school?
Me: when you're 5.
Madeline: When will that be?
Me: After two more birthdays.

Madeline thinking....
Madeline: Will you go to school with me?
Me: No, I've already been to school.

Madeline thinking...
Madeline: If you don't go to school with me, who will help me write my name?
Me: Your teacher will.
Madeline: He doesn't know my name.
Me: Your teacher will know your name.

More thinking...
Madeline: Who will help me write my letters and read books?
Me: Don't worry, Madeline. Your teacher will help you with everything.

This little conversation warmed my heart. She's already worrying about school and she thinks I'm her #1 helper. I'm so glad I get to stay home with her and teach her how to write her name and write her letters. That day of kindergarten will be a sad little day! :)

on a baby sister - (I let her get two books at the library about baby sisters - Angelina's Baby Sister, and Arthur's Baby. I might need to screen our books more carefully)

Madeline: Mom, I'm going to have a baby sister.
Me: Oh really?!
Madeline: We just don't know her yet. She still lives with Heavenly Father.
Me: Where will we get this baby sister?
Madeline: From the grocery store.
Me: (That would be convenient! :) )

Monday, July 11, 2011


I found our camera and the cord, so here are some pictures of our new place. We're settling in, getting to know people, and feeling excited about this new adventure. There is still decorating to do and more boxes to unpack, and I still want to get some pictures of the surrounding landscapes, corn fields... but here's what I've got...

our place
our neighborhood

Living Room -
the chair is missing a cover because my fabulous sister, Cassi, is making me a darling, dark denim slipcover. She's starting a business called Piping and Pleats, but more on that later.



our bedroom-
no decorating yet...

Charlie's Room

Madeline's Room-
Matt and my dad built her bed! Isn't it great?!

obviously this has been left last...

In other news, Charlie has decided to be big! Crawling fast, standing and walking around furniture, getting into everything, bugging his big sister, throwing major tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants or I'm not feeding him fast enough - like LOUD, angry fits. It's a good thing he's so darn cute.

Madeline is slowly adjusting. For a while she was asking everyday when we could go home. :( I just gave her my American Girl Dolls and she's in heaven. She's a great big sister - wanting to help Charlie in every way, but since he's been getting into her stuff, she pretends to be nice, but sneakily pesters him. Last night while we were reading scriptures before bed, we were talking about how we needed to be like Nephi and Jacob (prophets in the Book of Mormon) and not like Laman and Lemuel (the mean, disobedient brothers). She thought for a minute and said, "so me, you and daddy are going to try to be like Nephi and... Charlie will be like Laman and Lemuel." She grinned at me. I've got my work cut out for me!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

We made it!

It's time for a post since I'm feeling like things are a little under control. There are still boxes to be unpacked, but life feels like it's getting back to some kind of "normal."

I'm not sure how we survived the 34 hour drive. The kids did really well. The last day there were a couple of hours where they fell apart. My mom is really a saint for driving with me. Nothing about that trip would be appealing! She stayed a few days, too, to help me unpack. Thanks, Mom! The day we moved in there was a National Weather heat advisory because in addition to the 95 degree weather, the humidity was so high you were advised to either stay indoors or go to the pool. I don't think I've ever sweat that much unloading our moving truck. I was starting to question the decision to come to Iowa. The heat/humidity was unbearable! But it has cooled off and isn't so bad anymore.

Iowa City is really charming. It feels so familiar and inviting. There is a gorgeous river that runs through the city. It doesn't feel all that flat. No mountains, but plenty of hills. Our town home is out in the country with the corn fields! We are 15 minutes east of "downtown." It seems "far" from everything else but our neighborhood is really gorgeous with ponds and walking trails. The people are out of this world friendly. It's awesome.

Some of the highlights so far?
-The fireflies out in the evening. Matt and I took a walk the other night without the kids. So magical!
-Madeline's extra curls due to the humidity
-decorating our fun townhome
-spending time with my mom
-Iowa City has an incredible parks and recs program with immaculate parks all over. We checked out one of their pools on July 4th. Lots of fun!
-Watching fireworks in a new place. They were spectacular, especially with the little fireflies all around.
-Feeling at home already in our church ward and the city in general.

I'll post pictures of our new place, but first I need to figure out where the camera cord is.... :)