Friday, July 29, 2011

Better Late than Never

A few months ago, Matt took his bike in for a tune up at a bike shop. Madeline tagged along. She spotted this really cute bike in the shop and the owner let her ride it around. After that, she constantly asked when she could get a bike. She even put every little penny she found into her bank, asking if it was enough. We thought it would be fun to get her a bike when we moved into our new home. Cousin Nora had a darling little one that she had outgrown, so we hid it in the move and Madeline spotted it when we were unpacking. Thanks, Nora!

I feel a little bad that Madeline hasn't really ridden a bike until this point. Whoops... But she's making up for lost time. She LOVES her new bike!

Her cheering squad:

Now it just needs to cool down so we can actually go outside and go for long walks.


  1. So fun seeing Madeline growing up and riding bikes!

    Also I really love your new blog background :)

    AND I am also extremely impressed with the AMAZING bag and clutch you made for Syd! Super cute!

  2. You have an adorable family! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!

  3. Oh my gosh....Your little boy is soooo stinkin cute! Seriously....Cutest kid EVER!

  4. No worries. I JUST bought Madison her first real bike about a week ago. She had a tricycle, but no bike. Glad she likes it!

  5. Is Charlie's hair getting darker? Or just longer? And his face - definitely getting cuter all the time! Don't feel bad Madeline hasn't had a bike yet - Brianna doesn't really have one - just a scooter thing.

    and ps - I totally changed the whole focus of my last post and I think you commented before I changed it all! You can probably relate more with it now ;)
    Oh, and I loved Madeline's idea about getting a baby at the grocery store. I think they're on aisle 4, next to the hot dogs... :)

  6. Chad wants to know... when you are going to mold Matt his first disc? You are amazing by the way!

  7. That may just be the cutest biker ever. Great bike, Madeline!