Monday, July 11, 2011


I found our camera and the cord, so here are some pictures of our new place. We're settling in, getting to know people, and feeling excited about this new adventure. There is still decorating to do and more boxes to unpack, and I still want to get some pictures of the surrounding landscapes, corn fields... but here's what I've got...

our place
our neighborhood

Living Room -
the chair is missing a cover because my fabulous sister, Cassi, is making me a darling, dark denim slipcover. She's starting a business called Piping and Pleats, but more on that later.



our bedroom-
no decorating yet...

Charlie's Room

Madeline's Room-
Matt and my dad built her bed! Isn't it great?!

obviously this has been left last...

In other news, Charlie has decided to be big! Crawling fast, standing and walking around furniture, getting into everything, bugging his big sister, throwing major tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants or I'm not feeding him fast enough - like LOUD, angry fits. It's a good thing he's so darn cute.

Madeline is slowly adjusting. For a while she was asking everyday when we could go home. :( I just gave her my American Girl Dolls and she's in heaven. She's a great big sister - wanting to help Charlie in every way, but since he's been getting into her stuff, she pretends to be nice, but sneakily pesters him. Last night while we were reading scriptures before bed, we were talking about how we needed to be like Nephi and Jacob (prophets in the Book of Mormon) and not like Laman and Lemuel (the mean, disobedient brothers). She thought for a minute and said, "so me, you and daddy are going to try to be like Nephi and... Charlie will be like Laman and Lemuel." She grinned at me. I've got my work cut out for me!


  1. Love the new place! lots of cute photos :) Madeline is so sweet with those dolls, I'm excited to share mine with my daughter when she'll appreciate them too!

  2. LOVE it! A new place is exciting - lots of possibilities! Your kids sound so much like mine- it's so fun to see the parallels.

  3. Pictures look great!! It was fun to see where you are living and get a feel for where you'll be for a few years. Thanks for the fun:)

  4. fun to have a new place! love that she has a few american girl dolls :) i had 3 myself! and they even have an american girl doll store in denver and i was so tempted to walk in the the other day!

  5. Everything looks wonderful. I am sure you will have tons of fun decorating this darling little house. Charlie might be grooming himself for a chef and I doubt Madeline's smile could get any bigger. I miss seeing you guys.

  6. It is beautiful Mal!! What a great neighborhood!! Heck yes! Call me and give me an update on the fireflies sometime:)

  7. Your new place looks so good! Glad you are getting settled.

  8. The place looks great! I love those pictures of the kids too!

  9. The lima bean wreath looks perfect on your door. And, I'm so sorry about your chair - it's on its way. Hopefully the next pictures will have the full-meal-deal in it. And, we miss you.

  10. Everything looks great! You are so organized!