Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recent Conversations

on school -

Madeline: Mommy, when do I get to go to school?
Me: when you're 5.
Madeline: When will that be?
Me: After two more birthdays.

Madeline thinking....
Madeline: Will you go to school with me?
Me: No, I've already been to school.

Madeline thinking...
Madeline: If you don't go to school with me, who will help me write my name?
Me: Your teacher will.
Madeline: He doesn't know my name.
Me: Your teacher will know your name.

More thinking...
Madeline: Who will help me write my letters and read books?
Me: Don't worry, Madeline. Your teacher will help you with everything.

This little conversation warmed my heart. She's already worrying about school and she thinks I'm her #1 helper. I'm so glad I get to stay home with her and teach her how to write her name and write her letters. That day of kindergarten will be a sad little day! :)

on a baby sister - (I let her get two books at the library about baby sisters - Angelina's Baby Sister, and Arthur's Baby. I might need to screen our books more carefully)

Madeline: Mom, I'm going to have a baby sister.
Me: Oh really?!
Madeline: We just don't know her yet. She still lives with Heavenly Father.
Me: Where will we get this baby sister?
Madeline: From the grocery store.
Me: (That would be convenient! :) )


  1. So cute! I love little girls. I love your house too! Isn't having a basement AWESOME!!!!!! I cannot believe I lived without it for soo long.

  2. hahaha... yeah, if only it were that convenient is RIGHT.

    and how cute that's she's already a little nervous about school :)

  3. Both those conversations are adorable! I love and miss you guys!

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  5. Hilarious! Wouldn't that be fun to go back to school with her?! Good luck on the baby sister too! I made some of the baby girl shoes and they are adorable! Thank you for posting that. You are so good at crafting, I wish you were near by so you could teach me more!

  6. I can just picture this cute conversation! I can't believe she is already worrying about school. She is too cute!