Monday, August 29, 2011


Anyone have any suggestions for a boutique name for my craft booth? I'm selling baby things - shoes, clothes, hair clips, diaper clutches...

I was kind of thinking of "(insert cute word relating to a baby)" by malerie, but I don't know.
My sister suggested "minis by malerie", but my mom said it sounded like I was selling mini skirts. Thanks mom! :) I don't want anything too cheesy. So if you have any ideas, will you please shoot them my way? Thanks! You're all great! :)


  1. what about "little lovelies, by malerie"?

  2. ooh i like that, but maybe just "little lovelies" (scrap the malerie...people say it wrong anyway :) )

  3. How about kidlet cuties by mal mal?

    Too cheesy?

  4. I'm partial to mini's by Malerie, but since you're a little snobby, how about:

    Tiny Toes
    Kid Karnival
    Silly Circus
    Munchkins by Malerie
    Ok, enough with alliteration . . .
    Small Pleasures
    Sweet Things
    Baby Chic

    I'll keep thinking :)

  5. How about something Italian like Bambino (or Bambina or Bambini)?

    Good luck getting everything up and running! I admire you so much for doing this! You really are amazing.

  6. Best of luck with the booth I truly don't know how you manage all that you do. You rock.
    Here are few names to add to your pool of ideas:

    Bow on Top
    Little Marvels
    Sunny Stitches
    La Petit Butique

  7. Thanks! Now I've got a ton of great ideas! I just need to make a decision. Not that I'm really making this into a business, but I just thought a name might be nice in front of the booth. I'll let you know how it goes! Love to all of you...

  8. how about:
    -baby cakes
    -sugar and spice

    That's all I've got!

  9. how about "Malwear, for babies...virus not included"!!! Ha just kidding.
    I am partial to "little lovelies":)