Friday, August 5, 2011

Trying to Stay Cool.

It is HOT! and HUMID! It's been high 90s, but with the humidity, I guess the heat index is well over 100. I lived in Arizona for three years and saw pretty hot temperatures there, but this humidity really brings it up a level. Luckily, there are a lot of pools, lakes and splash pads that give you something to do in this heat.

Today it was only 80 degrees, only 86% humidity (ha!) and overcast. It felt so nice. We actually were able to head out on a walk without melting.
Madeline likes to mother Charlie. As you can see, he loves it.... :)

For some reason it has been easy to overlook the heat because this place has really been great so far!


  1. Its true....I lived in St.George and I could stand the high heat....But the humidity makes the heat unbearable. The pool looked like a good place to cool down!

  2. I am glad the weather is not getting you down. I see that Madeline DOES enjoy getting wet...when she's in a swimming suit. The lake looks great!

  3. We had that humidity in Nebraska. It made Tri-City dry heat feel nice. Glad you have fun things to do there!! A new adventure is always fun.

  4. Love the pictures! What cute kids!