Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Lions

Apparently to be part of our family, you have to know how to roar like a lion:

Madeline at 15 months

Charlie at 12 months

I think Madeline wins best lion award, but they're both awfully cute. Charlie needs some work with the lizard and fishy faces. It's fun to be a parent and teach your kids unimportant tricks. :)


  1. They are both adorable little lions! When Angus heard Charlie growling, he started growling along!

  2. So cute! They both are looking so big! And seeing the first video makes me miss San Diego. :(

  3. Those are pretty unique growls and pretty sweet kids!

  4. I love the new blog design! And I remember seeing Madeline do this when laurel and I came to San Diego. She had just started doing it and we were all so delighted!

  5. Thanks for the bella band recommendation I was just going to throw that out on facebook and ask where I could get one :)
    Also, I like your silhouettes and new background, and Rachel and I were just talking about Madeline and how crazy it is that she talks so much and also sad that she doesn't remember us.
    Miss you guys!

  6. Good Job, Mal. I think my kids only new farm animals. We didn't get into jungle animals until much later. Smart kids!

  7. i don't know about "unimportant"... that's pretty serious life lesson stuff right there!! :D

    they ARE both adorable.