Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Charlie is one and I can hardly believe it. We had a fun little family party for the big guy.

Here are the cupcakes I made.

I used Our Best Bites Chocolate Peanut Butter recipe. It has a surprise PB cup in the center. I was really excited to attempt her double-swirled frosting. It was a flop. I couldn't seem to get the consistencies right, so I just had to use a knife to spread it on. Bummer.

Here are some pictures to recap the night.

His doctor's appointment is next week, but I'm pretty sure he's around 20 pounds, putting him in the 12th percentile. Really? Look at those rolls...

Charlie is a sweet little boy. With Madeline being so mellow, everyone told me my boy was going to be a crazy out of control boy. Well he may be that later, but for now he is pretty darn easy (although oh boy can he whine!), loves to cuddle, is easy to put to bed no matter where we are or who is putting him down (so glad for this), loves pasta, peas, milk, cheese, well pretty much any food! He is really into lids right now, and putting things inside other things. He loves the tupperware drawer. I can often find random things inside tupperware with the lids on. The other day I couldn't find my deodorant. Charlie put it safely in the laundry hamper and closed the lid. I looked for a good half hour. Should have known...

Charlie loves his momma, but can't get enough of his daddy. He gets so excited when he hears Daddy coming home. He also adores Madeline. Before bed, he has to give her a little hug. She can always get a good laugh out of him, too. He knows what he's not supposed to do, usually dealing with cords, outlets or emptying bookshelves and will look at me and grin from ear to ear before being naughty! Charlie has taken 10 steps, but the little stinker would rather squat down and crawl.

It has been so much fun having a little boy around this last year. He is such a blessing. We love you Mr. Charles!


  1. oh my gosh, he is ONE?? happy birthday little man! love the cupcake toppers :)

  2. He is adorable and you have such a wonderful family! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

  3. Love the cupcakes, and can't wait to continue getting to know Charlie.

  4. Happy Birthday Charlie! He is just so cute!

  5. Happy Birthday little Charlie!! I can't believe how fast it goes....:)
    ps I would have snarfed those cupcakes either way....yum!!

  6. HolySchmoley - cutest cupcakes ever! And I LOVE his haircut in the post below.

    ps - I've been trying to get good profile pics of my kids for the subway art project... it's so hard! Wiggly munchkins!