Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a Week!

Matt had the week off. I felt like a little girl on Christmas Eve on his last day of work last week. It has been such a gift to have him around. We did some pretty fun things, too:

We took a spur of the moment trip to Chicago. I had never been. We got to ride the train and explore downtown for a day. Madeline got to go to the American Girl Store, which she absolutely loved. There were a few unforeseen circumstances and traveling with kids is just harder, so we didn't see all we wanted to, but we were satisfied. We also concluded that we don't love the busyness of big cities, although the skyline and shopping were both pretty cool!

Look at her little face, full of amazement!

From Chicago, Matt drove on a few more hours to Michigan to play disc golf at a premier, private course. He had a great time. We stayed behind and hung out back in Chicago and did some shopping.

Back in Iowa City, we visited Wilson's Apple Orchard. For some odd reason, it's high 80s here in October, so it doesn't quite feel like fall. But it's still beautiful with the fall colors. Unfortunately there was a high volume of visitors who picked all of the apples before they were ripe, so there weren't any left. But they had some picked from their neighboring orchard and let me tell you, their home-grown honey crisp were incredibly delicious!

Friday was family swim night for a buck at the rec center, so off we went swimming. Both of the kids love the water and won't admit they're cold despite their lips being purple.

Yesterday, we had another road trip to Nauvoo, IL. This was really special for me. Our church ward was having a temple trip and the nearest temple to us is the Nauvoo temple. It's 2 hours away. If you aren't familiar with my church's history, early members lived in Nauvoo in 1848, They were persecuted and driven out of the city. The mobs burned down the temple as they were fleeing. They rebuilt the temple in 2002 over the original spot which is on a high bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.

can you spot the kids above? Just an idea of how tall this beautiful building is!

As you can see, it is gorgeous and very special. It was a wonderful thing to be able to go and feel the special spirit there. And to also remember what the pioneers went through, how they persevered, and how many gave their lives for what they believed in. If you'd like to learn more about temples, you can visit

It has been wonderful to be together this week. We're all going to be sad to say goodbye to Daddy on Monday. But we're all in this together and we make a great team, so we'll make the best of this residency!


  1. WOW! What a wonderful week! So glad you're enjoying the area and all the midwest has to offer. Honeycrisp. . . yummm........


  2. I love the Nauvoo temple! It's awesome that that's the closest temple to you (although not awesome that it's two hours away, obviously)! And you look super cute as always!

  3. so fun malerie! Chicago is super fun. we spent a week there and still didn't get to do all we wanted. Next time you go let me know and I will tell you how to score some awesome deals. Nauvoo is always super fun too! love the temple

  4. 1) LOVE nauvoo

    2) wish I could see such pretty fall colors. It's pretty much STILL green here

    3) FUN to have a week with the hubby. Isn't it amazing how different it is when there are 2 parents!

  5. Hey tell Matt, we have TWO disc golf course here; not so posh, but not too bad for such a rinky dink little town. If you are ever tempted into the Black Hills, let us know and we will have a Weeds vs. Robinsons disc golf challenge!

    Yes, Chicago is cool, but I've never done it with kids and I can see the complications.

    How cool that you are in the Navoo district!