Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Our lucky kids have gotten to be with some pretty great people lately.

A few weeks ago, Matt's parents (Pops and Grandma 'Nette) came to Iowa to visit. It was so fun to be with them and the kids, of course, were in heaven.

We found a gorgeous nature trail around Coralville Lake.

This is what they did most of, though:

The week after that, the kids and I traveled to Spokane. I have to say it was pretty great being the only kid staying with them. Don't get me wrong, I love the hectic, full household of siblings and grandkids around the holidays, but we got precious one on one time and the kids loved being with Grandpa Steve and Grandma Julie.

Since there was a 2 hour time difference, the kids and I saw the gorgeous sunrise every morning :)
I love the fireplace at my parents' house. The kids helped keep it burning.
Charlie rarely left the kitchen since the "snack closet" or pantry was full of treats. He would take all of his toys in there - hence the puzzles...
Charlie loved reading his favorite book with Grandpa. Of course Madeline wanted in on it, too.

A trip to Spokane would not be complete without visiting their great-grandparents.

Here are Grandma and Grandpa Bates (Grandma recently turned 97!)

And Grandma and Grandpa Anglesey

We feel awfully blessed to have all of these wonderful people in our lives!


  1. I love all these pictures! It is so neat that Madeline and Charlie know all these people and will have all these pictures.

  2. Had to look at these pictures again! I treasure my time with these two!

  3. Ok so I just caught up on your posts (something I very much enjoy doing!) Love the Halloween costumes, love the post about your conversation with M (do you ever feel like your daughter is 3-going-on-23?!), and your 97 yr old Grandma - Malerie, you're going to live forever! If you survive that 100K+ mile van... =)