Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What do we know...

Madeline loving her brother while they eat cinnamon and sugar pie dough scraps.

In the last week or so, the kids have been extra grumpy, whiny, tired, needy, you name it. Which means their mommy has been the same. I'm guessing it's from vacation, traveling, time changes and more time changes. I haven't been feeling very patient or understanding . You know the feeling when the kids go to bed and you look into those sweet faces and feel like you can do better?

Well during lunch today, we had a sweet conversation that reminded me of why I'm so glad I have my kids to teach me and make me a better person.

I brought Madeline her milk in a pink cup.

M- Mom! (yes she now calls me mom instead of mommy. A little sad for me.) How did you know I wanted pink?!

me - I'm your mom. I know you, Madeline.

M- Hmm.. you know me. Well, what do we know about Charlie? He loves dogs, he likes reading books, he LOVES to go outside, and he likes to scream in the car. (a new and very bothersome thing for madeline. He does it to get to her.)

me - You do know Charlie! What do we know about Daddy?

M- He likes to play with water on the deck with us, he likes helping people and he loves to go camping.

me - You know Daddy. What do you know about me?

M - I know you love Daddy. I know you love me, and I know you love Charlie. You like making things, too.

She could have pointed out a number of my weaknesses, but instead she focused on some of our best qualities and things I think she loves about each of us. (except for charlie screaming!) Maybe that's why we're told to be child like. Because they forgive and forget very easily. I feel extremely blessed to be a mom.


  1. Hey Malerie - this is too, too sweet. I know exactly what you mean about looking into a little face at the end of the day and thinking that. But I love Madeline's list of things she knows about each of her family members. You are doing a fantastic job! I'm excited one day to hear what my own Madeleine has to say... haha hope she'll look on my brighter side as well :)

  2. I definitely think her answer is a reflection of the amazing mom you are. Those are some lucky kids to have you!

  3. So sweet. It's so good to hear the kids reflect the good things we do isn't it? I feel like I get a lot of criticism from my kids sometimes. I always appreciate when they tell me the good things I do.

    Sorry it's been a couple of rough weeks. I hate those periods, but I'm always grateful when they are over. It makes me appreciate the good days SO much more!

  4. That is THE sweetest thing. The point you make brought tears to my eyes. I'd be honored if my child highlighted those same qualities in me. Thanks, mal!

  5. I love how you wrote this...I can almost hear Madeline's voice and the conversation play out. So sweet.

  6. So sweet. Thanks for the reminder, Malerie (snd Madeline). It was the perfect way to start my sleep-deprived day. :)

  7. Which was evidenced by the new and improved spelling of the word "and".

  8. This is such a sweet conversation. To know they are loved is the best thing for children.

  9. Leave it to Madeline to teach us something. Madeline, can you take over here for a while?

  10. Brought tears to my eyes. I'm going through the same thing, sick whiney baby and feeling like I could be more loving, but I'm not. But he still loves me. Such a powerful way of learning to love.