Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Surprise

A month ago, a friend in my church sent an email around saying she was selling her piano for pretty cheap. I quickly emailed Matt the photo, kind of half kidding. By the time he got home, it was late, he was tired and I had received another email saying she had already sold it. So I didn't really bring it up and I moved on. It wasn't very practical anyway. Who wants to have a piano to move around?!

On Christmas morning. I opened a card that had the picture of the piano in it! Matt had emailed her right away and bought it! I think I was more happy about the thought and the surprise. It was weird to be so impractical - but fun!

So now we have a piano in our home. I have missed having that. It's old (1909 maybe?) and has lots of character but I think it's beautiful. I'm looking forward to the sounds from little fingers and great music, too. :)

Thanks, Matt. Christmas with just you and our little family this year was perfect.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Most people give out cookies and candy around the holidays. The Weeds? We hand out barbecue sauce! For those of you who don't know, Matt makes some incredible slow-cooked meat on his smoker - especially pulled pork. He also makes his own rubs and sauces. He wanted to bottle some of our favorite bbq sauce and give it to his colleagues. He insisted on calling it "Gun Smoke" which I thought was a little over-the-top, especially since he would be giving it to respected doctors.

Matt was too busy saving people's eyes, so I was the one who needed to come up with the label. With a dramatic name, we needed a dramatic label. Here is what I came up with. I was pretty proud, especially since it made Matt laugh out loud when he saw it. (In a good way.) That's a big feat, since he's the funny one around here. (Madeline is a close second.)

Here's to great barbecue and happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

15 Months

Charlie had his 15 month check up yesterday. He was 21 lbs - 15th percentile and 30.5 inches long - 25th percentile.

Within the last few weeks he is seeming to be more of a toddler: the wanting to help and do whatever we're doing, the high-pitched scream when he doesn't get what he wants or Madeline comes near a toy he's playing with, the non-sense jabbering, the mimicking of words, the silliness, the curious, getting into everything....

But he's lots of fun and we're sure glad he's ours!

Over the last week or so, I've been trying to capture all of the things he has learned to do on video. It was pretty unsuccessful as he chooses to perform when he wants to. Here are our many attempts. His laugh at the end is my favorite.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Conversations

Madeline: Mom, what do you want for Christmas?

Me: Hmm... Maybe a sweater?

Madeline: Ok, what else?

Me: No whining from you and Charlie.

Madeline: Mom, you aren't getting that for Christmas.

(worth a try, right?)

Me. OK, how about a happy, healthy family?

Madeline: You already have that, mom.

This conversation made me smile. It also made me realize I am turning into my mom! Did anyone else's mom always ask for happy kids for gifts? It used to drive me crazy, but obviously I get it now. And turning into my mom is a great thing. if I can be half the mom my mom is, I'll be satisfied.