Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Surprise

A month ago, a friend in my church sent an email around saying she was selling her piano for pretty cheap. I quickly emailed Matt the photo, kind of half kidding. By the time he got home, it was late, he was tired and I had received another email saying she had already sold it. So I didn't really bring it up and I moved on. It wasn't very practical anyway. Who wants to have a piano to move around?!

On Christmas morning. I opened a card that had the picture of the piano in it! Matt had emailed her right away and bought it! I think I was more happy about the thought and the surprise. It was weird to be so impractical - but fun!

So now we have a piano in our home. I have missed having that. It's old (1909 maybe?) and has lots of character but I think it's beautiful. I'm looking forward to the sounds from little fingers and great music, too. :)

Thanks, Matt. Christmas with just you and our little family this year was perfect.


  1. That is so thoughtful!! And you really do deserve a piano at home!

  2. So funny - I just finished writing up a post about our old family piano and how much I love it. We've actually been thinking of buying the digital piano at Costco... but I just LOVE the way these old pianos sound - it can't be matched! And seriously - that was VERY sweet and thoughtful of Matt!

  3. 10,000 points for Matt! That is so sweet and having a piano is the best--we absolutely LOVE ours, even a year later.

  4. YAY! It's so beautiful! Matt wins big time :) What a great story!!!

  5. I am so happy for you! This looks like such a neat instrument!