Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thoughts From a New Doctor

I know some of you have enjoyed reading Matt's blog about his life as an intern. I certainly have. He is a pretty amazing doctor and husband and dad... (how do they balance it all so well?!) Anyway, he's decided to make his blog private, but he doesn't want you to stop reading. He has really appreciated all of the comments and support. If you'd like to keep following his blog (or start following :) ), send an email to zagnut2002@hotmail.com and he'll add you to the list.

Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's About Time

This little guy is finally sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG. Here's what helped

Huggies overnight diapers
Some crying :)

I think I'm liking this 6 month age...

*photos courtesy of Aunt Sam :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


We were watching the BYU game yesterday and Matt said something like, "I'm so excited!" Charlie burst out laughing. We repeated the phrase over and over and got the same result. It continued for quite a while.

Yeah, we're pretty funny over here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tea Party

There isn't much that's cuter than a little girl having a tea party with her "friends" and inviting her little brother.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to me

I've learned as a girl to keep expectations in check, especially when your husband is busy, like in medical school or right now an intern. I'm not saying that Matt doesn't do great things for me. He does. But I think girls have the tendency to dream up big things :)

Well this Valentine's Day, Matt was working his night shift. We agreed not to get each other anything big. I got him a card and a treat. Before he left for work, he told me to come to the computer. He had made me a cute little power point presentation and on it was a reservation for a future overnight getaway at the Coeur d'alene Resort! Really? Matt had arranged with my mom to take the kids overnight (not a small task).

This past weekend we went and it was amazing. I told Matt he couldn't have given me a better gift. The part I loved was him making the arrangements for a babysitter and getting to spend so much time with him alone without cute little whiners climbing all over us :)

I only had my iphone to take pictures with, so they'll have to do, but we had a great time. They upgraded our room and our view was spectacular. The room was definitely luxurious. We even treated ourselves to a goodie out of the mini bar :) That night we watched BYU dominate (on Friday...Sat night was a very different story. Go Cougs!) and then went to dinner at Beverly's - a 5 star restaurant with the best steak and seafood. I got to sleep uninterrupted and we lazily slept in. We went to breakfast in the morning. Huckleberry Pancakes. Yum.

The view from our room

Matt drooling over the menu

The kids did great. It took some prep to stock the freezer with milk for Charlie an convince him he could take a bottle from someone other than me. But even with his attachment to his momma, he did pretty well. Thanks, Mom. You're fantastic!

Ahhh....a little time away makes me feel all geared up to be a great mom and wife. We definitely can't splurge like this very often, but it was fun to feel fancy for a weekend :)

Thank you, Matt, for being so thoughtful.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Half Birthday

Charlie is 6 months old. How did that happen so fast?
He has become a sweet little guy who is becoming especially fond of his mom and dad. He is

17 lbs, 2 oz (42%)
27 1/2 in (84%) !!!

Seriously, they really need to make a tall size for babies, because like his dad, we need that extra length. He's wearing 9 or 12 month clothes, but they're already starting to creep up around his calves. Even though he's only 42nd percentile, this kid has rolls. His wrists, thighs and legs are chub-by! He really has gotten pretty sweet and will always give anyone a smile. He just learned how to spit and thinks it's quite fun. Feeding him solids is a real treat...

His favorite toy is definitely a book. A close second is his little teething giraffe, Sophie. His favorite food is green beans (just like Madeline at that age).
He still adores his sister and likes to play with her hair. He's not a big roller over, his teeth are almost coming through, and he's got a giggle that'll just make you melt.

Mr Charles, we are smitten with you and are so glad you're ours.

And just for comparison, here is Madeline at about the same age

Monday, March 7, 2011

We're back!

We spent the last two and a half weeks in Salt Lake City. Matt came back and forth but got a week off of work so we were able to spend time with family and go on a few dates together. We had a great time. We always eat at our favorite restaurants including The Porcupine, HIres, and Cafe Rio. Matt and I went to a BYU game. (sad week for BYU fans, but I think we'll be ok) We played disc golf together (one of matt's hobbies) and got to visit and play with Matt's family. We had a great time. We all are excited to be home, though. Madeline let out shrieks of excitement when she saw her room, her baby dolls and her bed.

Yesterday we made the 11 hour drive home and surprisingly the kids were amazing. Charlie fussed every now and then, but there was really only a 20 minute crying spell. When we were almost to Spokane - just going over the last mountain pass - Madeline threw up everywhere. Apparently she has inherited Matt's family's motion sickness. Poor thing. She was upset that she was so gross and kept begging for a bath. Clean up at a gas station was the best we could do, but she was ok. I'm not really excited for our 25 hour drive to Iowa, but maybe the kids are good travelers.... maybe?

One of the reasons we went to Utah was that Matt's sister got married. The wedding was beautiful and they are so happy. I love going to temple marriage sealings. It's wonderfully simplistic.

Matt and His dad pulled a prank on Emily- they borrowed these crazy suit coats and told her they were given the wrong ones. There was a moment or two of panic until they brought in the real ones and all was well :) Like father like son...