Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tying up loose ends.

I have been feeling a lack of desire to blog. Maybe it's all of those boxes packed up in the living room and the empty ones in the garage that need to be packed. We are packing up the 22 foot DIESEL truck (yes we might become broke with the cost of driving a moving truck and car to Iowa) in a week. I'm making progress with packing, but it seems like every box I pack, I've got munchkins right behind me unpacking! Madeline thinks it's christmas and wants to know who gave us everything.

But I have been meaning to blog about my last couple of projects. Since I already packed up the main computer with the pictures on it, iphone pics will have to do.

Frames for my kids-

1. I love the idea of silhouettes. I've been wanting to do them for a while.
2. At this last LDS General Conference, our prophet, President Monson, reminded us to have a picture of the temple in each of our children's rooms.
3. I love subway art.

So I decided to combine them all into one! I saw someone had done temple silhouettes on etsy and thought - I could do that! I really liked how these turned out and I think it's fun that each of my kids can have the temple of where they were born. I can also update their silhouettes as they grow.

Here is a tutorial for silhouettes. I made all of these using Photoshop Elements and printed them on canvas textured scrapbook paper. The frames are from IKEA.

Madeline's Dress-

Does anyone else think toddler clothes have become WAY over priced? I saw this dress at Shabby Apple, thought it was darling, but $42?! Sorry, Kate (my cute sister-in-law works there)

Anyway, I thought, I could make something like that. I bought a $5 target t-shirt, cut off the bottom, used that to embellish it with a ruffled rose, added gathered fabric I already had as the skirt and stuck on a ribbon. It was a little tricky working with the stretchy t shirt, but I'm pretty happy with it and Madeline loves it. $8 isn't bad either. Here is a tutorial of one similar. I only sewed the ribbon to the front so I could tie it in the back. You could also do the same idea with a onesie.

Well, have a great week everybody. If I survive packing, moving and the 30 hours of driving with my kids, I'll be blogging from IOWA very soon!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nine Months

I can hardly believe it, but Mr. Charles is nine months old. Any worries I had about having a boy seem ridiculously silly. This boy is something else.

He is

18 lbs, 8 ounces (18%)
28 1/4 inches (50%)

*What happened?! He was around 50th percentile in weight and 85th in height. I was a little concerned when I found this out, but his ped didn't seem to think it was a big deal. He said it's pretty common for that age. I mean look at the rolls on his arms and legs - he's obviously healthy :) But it just confirms those percentiles are only there to get moms worked up!

Charlie has a real attachment to his momma. If I'm in the room, he HAS to be in my arms. Both of my kids have been this way. I must be REALLY cool ;) He isn't quite full on crawling, but he is, I guess the term is, "creeping" (weird word) and attempting to pull himself up on things. He's really into finger foods. You can't feed him fast enough. He has learned to let out a shrill shriek (I'm pretty sure Madeline taught him) if he isn't getting what he wants, or you take something away from him, or really if he wants any kind of attention. Church is going to be fun... Charlie is sleeping pretty well, although some mornings he thinks 5-5:30 am is a great time to be awake... ugh... but he goes to bed so easily and will put himself back to sleep if he wakes up, so I'll take it!

One of the things I love most about Charlie is how easily he laughs. And his laugh is contagious. Also, it doesn't get old. If you do the same thing that made him laugh hours later, it's still just as funny as the first time. He still thinks Madeline is the best. When he wakes up, he immediately looks for her and when he finds her, his face lights up as he hears, "Hi Charlie! How was your nap little buddy?"

Oh my sweet Charlie. We love you!

Here is an example of Charlie laughing his head off. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fabulous Weekends

First, all of the girls (those who were in town) got to have a girls day. We went out to eat at the Davenport Hotel and then saw Wicked. It was so much fun! Matt happened to be working 24 hour shifts that weekend, but thanks to my brothers, dad, and niece, the kids were well taken care of the whole 6 hours I was gone! It was great to spend time with each other and enjoy a little quiet time without the kids.

This last weekend, Matt finally had a weekend off, so we decided to head to Seattle for a very quick trip. Matt has never seen the Seattle sites, and my brother and his family, and Matt's sister and husband live over there so we got to spend time with them, too. The kids did pretty well on the 5 hour drive. (although I'm not looking forward to our 28+ hour drive to Iowa coming up VERY soon.) Besides the kids being grumpy and sleep deprived, we had a great little trip. The weather was an incredible 75 degree, no cloud in the sky day which is not very common for Seattle.

Ballard Locks. Boats of all kinds pass through to travel between fresh water and the sea. They raise/lower the water level in sections to help them pass safely. Pretty cool!

Pikes Market
It was incredibly crowded. We didn't stay long because trying to maneuver strollers through the crowds was nearly impossible.

The kids being good and holding hands. How sweet. I should pull this picture out when I've had it with them :)

At the Seattle Center park watching the cool fountain.

This little girl didn't enjoy being sprayed with water, so she watched with daddy from a distance.