Monday, August 29, 2011


Anyone have any suggestions for a boutique name for my craft booth? I'm selling baby things - shoes, clothes, hair clips, diaper clutches...

I was kind of thinking of "(insert cute word relating to a baby)" by malerie, but I don't know.
My sister suggested "minis by malerie", but my mom said it sounded like I was selling mini skirts. Thanks mom! :) I don't want anything too cheesy. So if you have any ideas, will you please shoot them my way? Thanks! You're all great! :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Last night before bed, Madeline and I were cuddled on the couch reading an American Girl novel. I noticed she had an eyelash on her cheek. I put it on my finger, showed it to her and said, "When you find eyelashes, you can make a wish and blow them off of your finger. She liked that idea and said, "I wish that we will be friends forever" and blew it off. Really, Madeline?! Could you have said anything better? This girl can throw the most stubborn fits and other times be oh so sweet and kind.

I'm writing this down, so when she's a teenager and wants nothing to do with me, I can remind her that we're stuck as friends forever because she wished it when she was three. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have a wonderful friend, Alice. She has impeccable style and also gives the most thoughtful gifts. She started a blog that combines these two things: Alice shares all kinds of great gift ideas for many different occasions. I'm excited to have this little resource and I wanted to share it with you! Plus, aren't you curious what a "nuzzer box is?" I was! :)

Happy gift giving!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little Moments

I looked back and saw this on our drive to take Matt to work early this morning. They held hands the whole way home. I know in the near future, it won't be cool to hold your little brother's hand, but in the mean time, these sweet little moments make motherhood awfully rewarding.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a typical Saturday in Iowa City

I am constantly amazed at how much there is to do here, considering it's such a small city. (Maybe the winter is different...I'll let you know) Matt and I have noticed how educated and community-oriented everyone is and how everything is kept up so nicely. I don't think I've seen a bad neighborhood anywhere.

On Saturday, we dropped Matt off at work, and went to check out downtown Iowa City. In the middle of downtown, there is an outdoor "pedestrian mall" The streets are lined with trees, restaurants, have live music, farmers' markets, art and jazz festivals and the public library, which I might add is one of the best I've been to.

That day, there was a "Sand in the City" competition with sand sculptures and a huge pile of sand for kids to play in. (not quite the ocean, but hey, still cool!)

There was also an art, craft and food market where locals sell their homemade goods. (I may have signed up for a booth for next month's...ugh...what was I thinking!) It was so much fun to walk around downtown with the live music and happy kids in the stroller.

The weather was perfect, too. We hit up the library after that before heading home.

A few hours later, I dropped the kids off at a friend's house (yes, can you believe it? I've already made good friends. yipee!) And I went to pick Matt up from work and drive 2 hours to Des Moines to see DEF LEPPARD. Matt has always wanted to see them and they were playing up at the internationally acclaimed Iowa Sate fair, which by the way is on the list of New York Times 1000 places to visit before you die.

We only got a glimpse, but the place was packed. The big thing this year at fairs is I guess, DEEP FRIED BUTTER? Really? Disgusting...

The concert was great. Heart opened and played maybe three too many songs, but was entertaining. Def Leppard was great, too. The highlight for me was watching their one-armed drummer jam out. There was a lot of 80s- ness going on that night!!!

The best part was getting an 8 hour date with Matt. And having friends who let us pick up our kids at 1:30 am! It felt like we were young again! haha :)

What a great day to be in Iowa.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Trying to Stay Cool.

It is HOT! and HUMID! It's been high 90s, but with the humidity, I guess the heat index is well over 100. I lived in Arizona for three years and saw pretty hot temperatures there, but this humidity really brings it up a level. Luckily, there are a lot of pools, lakes and splash pads that give you something to do in this heat.

Today it was only 80 degrees, only 86% humidity (ha!) and overcast. It felt so nice. We actually were able to head out on a walk without melting.
Madeline likes to mother Charlie. As you can see, he loves it.... :)

For some reason it has been easy to overlook the heat because this place has really been great so far!

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Grandma would be Proud

Grandma Bates turned 97 years old this week. She is almost blind now, but still manages to create things out of things she already has. Recently, she made charlie a little pillow out of some of my grandpa's pajamas. Or bookmarks out of ribbon. She is known for her "I am a Child of God" bookmarks made from pressed flowers that were grown in her yard. She sent thousands of them all over the world with missionaries. I have fond memories of spending the day with her creating things in her basement. I know it has been hard for her to get old, lose her sight and mobility because she can't sit still and wants to be creating.

I called her on her birthday last Friday, excited to tell her about my latest project. She was thrilled and has been telling all of her visitors about it.

From this (circa 2003)

To This:

To This:

This cute little dress cost me $1.50! The hardest part for me was trying to figure out the pattern, but once I got past that, it was fairly simple. Here is the tutorial

I'm pretty sure I may have a little of Grandma Bates in me...