Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've had the "I don't feel like blogging because nothing notable is happening around here" feeling. So I didn't and didn't feel bad about it. :) The kids and I had the stomach flu last weekend and that wiped us out. (sidenote: Matt was enjoying himself visiting friends and attending a wedding in San Diego while I was dealing with sick tummies and clean up all day and night.) I was a tad jealous. We miss that place!

But life is good and we are busy. The older Madeline gets, the more we have going on. I'm already getting sad about having commitments of preschool and school every morning and "losing" my free time with her. She did start a little preschool with friends from church and has been having fun going to different houses and having lessons and play time. I think she has more conversations with the moms than the 4 year old girls, though. We're still working on that. She's also starting another dance class today which she is really excited about. I gave her the option of doing gymnastics instead, but she was set on dance. We'll see how it goes!

I have two harp students now. One is four. Could it get any cuter to have a teeny little girl playing a teeny little harp? The other student is an eight year old boy who has never had any musical training, but is incredibly talented. It will be exciting to watch them both learn and grow.

Projects keep me busy. Matt works long hours, often overnight, so I've got a line up of projects to keep my sane. I also recently have been watching the Downton Abbey series. It's a British drama about an aristocratic family and their servants around World War I. It's highly addictive. I've gone to bed too late too many nights! The first season is on Netflix, or you can watch them online.

I'll leave you with this picture. When I saw it, I was nervous to ask who it was. (I've been the subject of some of her recent doodles.) But she replied that it was Mickey and Minnie Mouse. And I thought that was just perfect.


  1. I think January and the stomach flu could give anyone the "I don't want to..." feeling. How fun that Madeline is branching out. I hate to say this, but at that age, Matthew conversed more with adults as well.

  2. Thanks for the update! It's great to hear what you've been up to. You've tipped the scales for me on this Downton Abbey show--too many people whose opinions I trust have told me about it, so now I've got to see it!

  3. sorry you were sick! no fun! Once it gets warm we really need to get together. p.s. i think i would make an excellent harp student

  4. January is SO the month to blog less because we're all just trying to get through winter and flu/cold season! I'm doing it too.

    Also, thanks for the show recommendation! I love having something to keep me company at night when Ryan's not around, especially while I do my projects! :) If only we were watching Downtown Abby and doing projects TOGETHER! I like to believe this will happen someday. :)

    SO cute about your harp students!

  5. Oh YAY I love Downton Abbey!!! Dance is fun, but pretty soon I think Madeline is going to have to start playing basketball :)

  6. I really want you to teach Crystal to play the harp. And video tape it. I can't picture her keeping a straight face for more than 10 seconds.

    And seriously - that is a great drawing!