Monday, January 30, 2012

Pie Shakes and a Date

I'm not sure why my hand looks all contorted here. Obviously
I'm concentrating too hard on sipping the goodness and taking
a picture that will result with both of us in the frame...

On Friday Matt and I actually went on a date! When trying to figure out what to do on a Friday night in Iowa city, I knew one thing: we were going to go get dessert and it really needed to be at the Hamburg Inn2. The Hamburg Inn is this little place in downtown Iowa City where all of the presidential candidates come. We have been there a few times already. We haven't tried their breakfast, but their burgers are incredibly fresh and yummy. My favorite, though? PIE SHAKES! They put a whole piece of a pie in a milkshake. As you're drinking it, you get chunks of tasty crust. On this night we had banana cream pie. The choices are different every time. It was incredible. We split one and I think that was a mistake because we wanted to go back for more. I love little unique places and am awfully glad we have one here.

We finished off the night by going to a movie and getting home at 1:00am. Yes I was tired the next day when Charlie surprised me by waking up at 5:30am. :) But it was fun to be with Matt. I'm already planning our next date to the Hamburg Inn!


  1. FUN! that sounds super yummy!

  2. So fun! A whole slice in one milkshake—now that's an idea I could apply at home! (If I were to actually bake a pie...:)

    Glad you got out! Very impressive, staying out till 1am!

    1. So glad you got to go out! Looks like fun :) did Madeline babysit?

  3. Pie IN the milkshake! Why isn't that done EVERYWHERE! Sounds awesome.

  4. You didn't share:
    Who babysat?
    What movie did you see?

    Thus I am left to assume that Charlie babysat, and you saw the Twilight movie.