Friday, February 10, 2012

Charlie Potato Head and early Valentines

Charlie has been really interested in Mr. Potato head lately. We actually have Mrs. Potato Head (thanks, Aunt Emily!). He got us laughing the other day when we realized he thinks he's Mr. Potato head and can put the body pieces on himself. This little guy doesn't talk much - or at all (besides a good number of animals sounds), but he knows EVERYTHING that is going on and can follow any set of directions simple or obscure. This is a fun age.

I saw this tutorial on my sister, Cassi's, blog. It screamed Make Me! and I knew Madeline would be so happy. It's a little t-shirt dress with a ruffled heart. She loves anything to do with dresses, pink, hearts and holidays. She really can't believe there's a holiday centered around the colors pink and red. We went to Goodwill to find some t shirts to use and ended up finding a darling wood doll high chair for $6. The project was definitely worth that right there. Madeline approved. She has begged to wear it the last three days. It was a fun little sewing project, although I remembered I really dislike sewing with jersey material.


  1. Charlie! What a crack up! And I love beautiful Madeline in her awesome new heart shirt! They both have a talented mommy :)

  2. You need to make a matching shirt like that for YOU and get a picture of you two wearing your pink and red ruffles.

    AND - a picture of YOU putting the potato head parts on.

    This a reader request. You are obligated to oblige.

  3. so cute malerie! and i've always thought madeline looks so much like matt but in that picture of her she looks exactly like you!

  4. Wow, Charlie looks so grown up in that picture! (And I don't think it's just the accessories...) Miss you guys!

  5. Both these little darlings look so grown UP! The shirt is adorable.