Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Languages

I'm sure most of you have heard of this book. I have, although I've never read it. My friend highlighted each love language on her gift blog for Valentine's Day and I was a little curious. So, Matt and I took the test and it was quite insightful! Here are the 5 love languages

Words of Affirmation

Quality Time

Receiving Gifts

Acts of Service

Physical Touch

I find it amusing that throughout our marriage, I have sometimes tried to show Matt I care for him in ways I would appreciate, but alas, men and women are very different and our personalities are very different. Maybe this book is on to something. After taking the test, It turns our that my love language is Words of Affirmation. At first I was a little disappointed. Does that mean I'm needy?! Shouldn't mine be quality time?! :) But none of these are better than the other and I realized that I can easily carry on with a busy husband who's hardly home to help with kids and things at home and everything else that needs to be done when I hear encouraging, loving words from Matt.

His is Acts of Service. Now, when I've been doing things for him, I've been happier because I am reminded that this is a way that will speak to him that I love him. I have found myself thinking of things to do for him to show him that I care.

This might be a mushy post, but finding out our love languages has been a fun reminder of how to look out for one another.

They also have tests for kids! I asked the questions to Madeline and she was Quality Time with Physical Touch close behind. I wasn't surprised. She loves being with me and never denies a hug or snuggle time. (Receiving Gifts had a high score, too!) :)

Here is the TEST. Aren't you curious what love language you are? If you care to share, I'm curious, too!


  1. Kory and I saw a pre deployment counselor today and sure enough...I was like you....I need Words of Affirmation. I felt a little needy too...Then again, Kory's was gifts!

  2. I love this book and it's helped us a lot; I have never been able to find a quiz like that though so thanks for sharing! I think as I have gotten older my love language has changed a bit because it used to be gifts but now I am tied on everything except physical touch and I don't know which is the most important. Mike is physical touch and words of affirmation with quality time close behind. :)

  3. i love that book. i've read that and the one relating to children, which you might think is pretty much the same, but it has really great insights that i never would've thought of. i am gifts and acts of service and stephen is quality time. sometimes i have to remind stephen that my "love tank" is empty or close to it. helps jump start him into action. =)

  4. I love Love LOVE this book and the theory behind it! I'd read it, and subscribe to their newsletter. It actually got brought up today in Sunday School in our Marriage and Family class. I've told people about it for years. LOVE IT! I'm totally an Acts of Service person. Brian is a GIFTS person. If we hadn't figured this out early on in our marriage, it would've caused a lot of problems! Brianna is a physical touch kid. Can't wait til the babies are old enough to figure out theirs! I'm glad you posted this - I love talking about it and finding out what my friend's LL's are!
    PS - your above post - can't believe you were in SLC and didn't tell me! Totally would've loved to see you! But it sounds like you were very busy, so I understand :) sorry to hear about the sickies!