Saturday, March 10, 2012

Busy Fun

We have had a great couple of weeks.

Madeline has been having a preschool with a few girls from church. We take turns hosting at our houses. With Dr. Seuss's birthday at the beginning of March, we had a Dr. Seuss birthday party where we read some of his books and talked about rhyming. They loved it. I also made the girls Cat in the Hat hats. They were easy and lots of fun. Maybe a cat in the hat halloween costume could be in our future? Check out the tutorial HERE

Next up was a very spoiled week in Salt Lake City. Matt had a week off, so we visited his family. It consisted of great conversation, amazingly good food, movies, Matt's 30th birthday, wedding dress shopping, and more good food. :) To save money, we booked not so convenient flights: an airport 2 hours away, getting up at 4:30am, and getting home at 2am after the long drive. It was a little rough on the way there with a packed airport, almost missing flights and connections, a very windy flight to SLC, which made us all sick, especially Madeline who got to try out the barf bag! The kids were sick while there and grumpy and tired because of the time changes and now trying to readjust to being home......but of course it's all worth it and I would do it again and again. Living away from family really makes you grateful for them and we loved being with them.

Today, Matt is working, but I wanted to do something fun with the kids since the weather is gorgeous and we've had kind of a rough week adjusting to normal life. We found a little zoo about an hour away. It was no San Diego Zoo, but it was cute with a variety of animals and it was FREE today which is always great. We went with friends which made the trip even more fun.


  1. I've been thinking you were pretty quiet in the online world. Glad you're back! Those are some crazy details about your travel; I'm impressed you would still do it again and again! But yes, being away from family makes it so much better when we're reunited.

  2. the cat in the hat hats rock! I wish we lived close enough to do preschool together!! THAT would be a blast!