Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another item to take off the grocery list.

Homemade Bagels. My sister, Cassi, told me she was making bagels a while ago. I'm sad it took me this long to try them. They were really easy and SO good. Madeline helped me make them and we've both had two and want more. Definitely addicting. I don't think 12 will be enough...

You can find the recipe on my sister's blog.

Oh and homemade yogurt- I've made more batches and have a tip to share. When you strain off the whey, I've found if you let the yogurt sit (on cheesecloth or towel) for longer, like 30 minutes, more of the whey drips out and you get a much thicker yogurt.

Also, a friend asked if you could use something other than whole milk. I'm not sure. I've only tried it with whole. I've tried several different kinds of yogurt for starters and all have worked as long as they have the live culture.

I'm liking these successful cooking adventures, especially when they help with the food budget!


  1. Another yogurt tip: add two packets of pectin to the yogurt when stirring in the live active cultures and you'll have a firmer yogurt...I also added 1/4 cup sugar and it's awesome!