Thursday, May 24, 2012


I have always had a weird fear of "settling down" - meaning buying a house and living there for a long time.  Matt thinks I'm crazy.  But there's always been something I liked about living in a place for a few years and moving on to the next cool place, discovering it, meeting great people, etc.  Maybe that "fear" is partly due to the unknown and worrying that I may have to live away from family permanently so I just wanted to avoid that for a while.

But, after doing this a few times and as my kids get older, I'm finding myself feeling more ready and looking forward to settling down. (we do have a couple of moves still.) :)

I love Iowa City.  It has been an incredibly easy city to live in with amazing people and surprisingly a lot to do and see. But for the first time, I've felt far from our families.  Traveling in and out of here is expensive and takes longer than I'm use to.  Driving is more than a day (or two). We won't get visitors like we did when we lived 10 minutes from the beach on the west coast. :) So I'm actually longing for the time to be living closer to family, spending holidays together, having them come to our events and celebrations, especially, when I see how much my kids love all of their grandparents.

My parents were here and we went and saw some fun things, but they mostly just wanted to read with them and play at home.  Charlie started calling my mom "Jule" and my dad "seeve" and followed my dad all around.  It reminded me just how important extended family is.  My kids have many great-grandparents around, too, and some of their healths are failing. It makes me wish I was closer.  I think Matt and I have grown from all of these experiences away and have made such incredible friends. I think the time is nearing, though, to settle down (hopefully) close to family.

Here is our little trip to Nauvoo, IL.  The early pioneers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints settled there before they were driven out and began to move West.  We stayed in this great hotel across from the temple.  It was gorgeous. We also took a "carriage ride" through the little town of Nauvoo to learn more about the history. We had a fun little roadtrip.


  1. I'm hoping to take my kids to Nauvoo this summer. I've been married 13 years and we're still renting, I thought I wanted to settle down, but looking back I'm glad we've had the flexibility of renting, and it's helped us to get out and see the world but still be able to come home to Utah. We are really enjoying it here right now. It so great to see a pictures of your wonderful parents!

  2. I think about that all the time. Hang in there! The time will come. I wish my husband sometimes had another profession because it really stinks not living close to family. But, I agree, it makes you stronger as a couple.

  3. I somehow missed this post! I was surprised when you said you're apprehensive about settling down, but then when you explained why, it made so much sense. I agree! Living away from family is difficult (and formative) during the young family years. It would be wonderful to put down roots near family.

    On another note, I love Nauvoo!