Friday, June 8, 2012


We finally found a free weekend to go camping.  It is a A LOT of work, especially with kids. Mom - how did you do it all those years with 7 kids?!  But we had so much fun and are itching to do it again before it gets too hot and humid here.  Matt inherited a dutch oven from his great grandma.  Anybody have any favortie recipes?  My friend made a delicious peach and blueberry cobbler in it.  I want to start experimenting.

Our campsite overlooked the lake.  Matt jumped in before bed that night. :)

Madeline's favorite part was the giant marshamallows we got to toast

Helping Daddy get everything situated

Charlie was all about the Pirate Booty

Out sweet set up

We had a looong walk to and from our car - and bathrooms.  Madeline got to experience going in the woods. The first time went well.  the second time was a disaster! :) But I was proud she did it. She is all about being clean and neat.


  1. This looks so beautiful and so fun! These will be good memories for Madeline and Charlie. I have to admit "going" in the woods is difficult.

  2. Camping is SO much work for parents! But it's so much fun too! That lake looks beautiful! Serene!

  3. You are right - it looks like a lot of work, and I'm sure it was, but the kids will always remember it - good memories for them. Way to go, Weeds!

  4. So Fun!! Chad and I were talking how it was a year ago this weekend you guys were here visiting. We need to get together soon!

  5. You are making wonderful memories! How fun.