Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cooling Off?

Today felt SO good.  I never would have imagined saying 85 degrees would feel cool and like I could breathe.  Now I know many of you have it far worse so I've tried not to complain.  I just had no idea the midwest got so hot.  I had heard about the humidity, but over 100 AND humid?  Yikes.  But I must be getting used to it because it hasn't felt as bad as last summer and it's given us a lot of excuses to hit the pools and play in the water which has been so much fun.  And at least we never lost power, so we've enjoyed the luxury of air conditioning.  

We have a busy summer with a beach vacation, visiting family and friends, and a wedding. Life is busy and good and I just can't believe how fast time is flying.  Matt is halfway done with residency.  How did that happen?!


  1. That's crazy that he is halfway! How wonderful!

    I don't think I could hack it in that heat. I've become such a baby since living in the Bay area!

  2. I hear ya! These past couple of days have been bearable. The 2.5 years we have been here it has never been this HOT!

  3. Incredibly cute picture! Hurrah for water and swimsuits!

  4. Life does go by soooo fast, it will just keep flying more and more with each year, so enjoy those cute kids every day and find joy in each moment :)